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When I decided to get serious about developing a robust dating life, I looked at a countless number of dating and seduction products. They all seemed to focus on a specific philosophy or method. Lots of great stuff, but I was a rank amateur. I needed something that would help me develop a solid foundation for future methods I wanted to explore and adopt. That is when I discovered Scot McKay and The Master Plan.

Scot is a beer drinking, pick-up driving Texan. A real regular guy. He's married, has kids, and lives a normal life. This appealed to me because I'm older and not into the club scene; I needed a mentor that I could relate to, and Scot filled the bill perfectly.

And boy does this guy "get" women. His products have ushered me into a realm of understanding that I would have considered unthinkable not long ago.

I consider The Master Plan to be his baseline course. Rather than focusing on tactics and strategies for pickup, it presents a blueprint for becoming the kind of man that high quality women want. In a friendly, unassuming way it presents the features that define a man of character...a man that deserves what he wants. Women love the qualities described in this course, and they seem to automatically home in on guys who embody them.

The thing that's nice about this course is that it meshes well with most of the products on the market these days. If you put in the time and effort required to internalize what's being taught here, you will find that you are well equipped to adopt any other method or philosophy you choose later. It is a great baseline product for those who are just beginning their path to dating mastery.

I highly recommend this product. The return on your modest investment can be very impressive if you approach it seriously.

As an aside, Scot's podcast "The Chick Whisperer" can give you a very good idea of Scot's manner of teaching. Between that and the Dating Skills Review podcast I always have a plethora choice material to absorb while traveling.

Give The Master Plan a good look. You may find it's just what you need to get started on the road to a successful dating life.
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