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The 10 Hook Lead System: Master The Art Of Conversation
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"just for new guys: it is totally will help you."

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I only watched from hook 1 to hook 5.

i don't rate the innovativeness because it is useless for my current stage and limitation of knowledge. As a newbie, what the hell do you care whether it is innovative instead of whether it works or not?

I rate 8/10 because I am sure using this system can keep the conversation going on, I ignored the other elements like physical escalation, kino via words, frame blah blah blah.

Seriously, overall it is amazing!

The bad-side about it: I can feel it is still some MM, and the way she says it is so meant to be? I meant things could go differently than what she says.

But, for newbies,

The concepts are great and you just need to "make it yours".

Lots of things she said happened to me, and she really provides solutions.

Implementation is easy, for the type of people who think a lot, all you need is just some time to make it as a habit.

I am still watching it right now and trying to finish it tonight.

Hope my review help you guys, even if only just a tiny bit.
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