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The Tao of Badass
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I think the review is too critical. First off it says that you can't apply the 6-10 value scale to everyone and that its hard to do with someone you just met. This is false. Everyone is on the scale at all times and can move up and down from moment to moment. Following the instructions for putting yourself at a 10 is easy. And women will percieve you as that especially if you are applying the BL info and everything else. It also calls the chapter on creating love a hyperbole this is also false. Josh's formula for creating love is real, fully effective and frankly dangerous (don't do this with someone you don't want to be around a lot or you will hurt them badly). Following the steps accurately will create love 100%. Also I really don't buy that you can't create love with everyone or can't pick up any one. You can with the right execution as well as some effort on the self improvement end. Believing otherwise is a cop out frankly.

TBA covers everything that you need to know to become very very good and thus is a perfect starting point. You will need to apply and practice (would you not expect to have to??) and the system depends on your execution of it but the potential of the system itself is almost unlimited.
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