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"Must Have Product If You Want Effective Ways To Overcome Premature Ejaculation Permanently"

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The Good
Very detailed information of steps you can actually take to overcome premature ejaculation and performance problems. Focuses on teaching solutions that will lead to permanent and long term success rather than trying to offer a quick fix solution. Creates realistic expectations of what you can achieve, and teaches good overall mindsets and attitudes for sex.
The Bad
Recommends using a supplement that according to at least one website may be unsafe to use. Doesn't mention at all discussing the issue of premature ejaculation with your partner.
The Bottom Line
If you suffer from premature ejaculation then this is a must-have product. It's not going to give you a simple fix that tries to mask the problem, rather it's going to show you how you can recondition your mind and body so that you can actually have control over when you decide to ejaculate.

The exercises and techniques aren't particularly difficult, but you do need to make the effort to consistently do them. The more time you dedicate to following Jason's advice, the quicker you're going to see noticeable improvement. I have no doubt that applying the information in this product will lead you to a more fulfilling sex life for you and your partner/s.


At one point during Extreme Stamina, Jason Julius points out that about 75% of men only last two minutes or less when having sex. And that even though the average duration for a man is estimated at between four and seven minutes, this is somewhat skewed by the relatively few men who are able to last much longer, bumping up the average.

Clearly then premature ejaculation is an issue effecting the lives of millions of men and leaving countless women sexually unsatisfied. So if this is something you're suffering from, it's important not to beat yourself up about it as you're certainly not alone. Instead, realize that there are steps you can take to get this problem under control, instead of letting it control you.

Jason gives valid reasons based in evolutionary theory as to why it is actually advantageous for men to ejaculate as quickly as possible. That thousands of years ago if you were having sex out in the wild you would be more vulnerable to predators, so finishing quickly made sense. And that our primate cousins with nearly identical DNA only last on average from a few seconds up to a minute.

How Women Reach Orgasm
So if it's only natural for men to ejaculate quickly, then why do you even need to worry about it? Well, like many of our biological functions, this is something that may have once served a purpose but really has no benefit in our modern way of life. While women don't actually need to achieve orgasm for reproduction purposes, they do if they want to enjoy a sexually fulfilling relationship.

Jason uses a number of charts and graphs throughout this course to illustrate his points more clearly. One of these refers to the female orgasm zone, and how long it takes women, on average, to reach orgasm. So he shows how it might take a woman fifteen minutes to have her first orgasm, but that after that she is now in an orgasmic state is capable of having more orgasms. So maybe she has another eight orgasms over the next eight minutes, which will be a great sexual experience for her.

But if you are like the average guy and finish within two minutes, then she's missing out on all of those orgsms she could have achieved had you lasted long enough for her to reach that orgasmic state. By being able to control how long you last, you're much more likely to positively stand out from other men that a woman has slept with.

If you're in a relationship with a woman, or would like to be, this is an important skill to master. You're going to have an overall better relationship and keep your woman happy if you can satisfy her in bed. And if you're interested in casual dating or one night stands, it's still a critical skill to work on. You'll often have the option to see the girl again for a repeat performance if you can go the distance the first time. The other benefit you'll get is increased sexual confidence, which is something women can pick up on when you first meet them, making the initial interaction go better.

Ejaculation Control Triad
At the heart of the program is what Jason calls the ejaculation control triad, consisting of physiology, psychology and threshold mastery. The idea being that when you can master these three separate areas, you'll be able to get past your performance issues and be in control of how long you last in bed.
This section is all about the physical aspects you can work on to gain control of your ejaculation. There's plenty of solid information in this presentation, some of which you may have heard of before.

The main thing that Jason instructs you to do is to start strengthening your PC muscle via simple exercises, known as Kegel exercises. If you've ever read anything on Tantra then you'll likely have heard of the benefits of Kegel exercises and the difference they can make.

Jason lays out a very simple to follow plan of exercises you can do to strengthen this muscle, including how many sets and reps and when to progress to the next level. This is really good advice and you should definitely follow this plan. He also goes into plenty of detail about how you can delay your ejaculation by clamping down on your PC muscle once you've built it to a strong enough point.

The other big topic that he covers is that of breathing. This is excellent information that he goes into here, and shows you the right way to breathe and also the science behind how breathing incorrectly can cause you to ejaculate early. There's also some advice in here regarding breathing, tension and negative emotions that you could actually take and apply to the entire interaction you have with a woman, not just the sexual side of it.

I think the only thing he could have done better was emphasized even more the importance that physical fitness plays in your ability to perform. He mentions that being fit will help because you'll be able to breathe better, but doesn't really say much more than this. By improving your fitness you develop your cardiovascular system and your body can perform at a higher intensity for longer periods of time. Clearly this can have great benefits for your sex life, and should be one of the major things that you work to improve.

Jason also talks about your mental state and how it can effect how long you last in bed. This is again really solid information and particularly applies to guys that are less sexually experienced.

One of the issues he talks about is how some guys are too mentally excited at the prospect of having sex, which makes them more on edge and likely to ejaculate quicker. This is why teenage boys have the reputation of blowing their loads within seconds the first few times they have sex.

But the same principle can also apply to guys as they progress with learning dating skills. As you become more adept at meeting and attracting women, you'll likely find that the women you hook up with become more physically attractive. This can sometimes cause you to become more anxious as you focus on how hot the woman is and how you want to make sure you don't screw things up, which just puts more pressure on you.

So Jason teaches you how to reframe the situation in your head, to lead you to a place of what he calls 'calm arousal'. This is really effective, but something that you'll need to put a bit of work in to master. In essence, the more sexual experiences you have the more you'll be able to approach each future experience with the right mindset.

Threshold Mastery
In this section of the product Jason gives you specific techniques you can implement right away so that you can last longer. He uses the aid of another graph to talk about levels of arousal and how you can stop yourself from crossing the point of no return.

There's a trick that male porn stars use to stop themselves from finishing before the director is ready, and Jason teaches you how to do this. It's pretty simple to do, and something that will allow you to last much longer. As a side benefit, he explains why it also allows you to have more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, so it's a win for you and your woman.

One of the things that's covered in this product is how most men have become accustomed to ejaculating quickly via masturbation. Doing so conditions your body to finish quickly, and then when you have sex your body is just responding in the way that it has been conditioned to.

So you'll learn here how to use masturbation as an exercise in practicing to delay your ejaculation. The good thing about this is there's no anxiety or pressure to perform that you might feel with a woman, so you can just relax and focus on the technique. The other thing Jason points out is that men who ejaculate frequently have a much lower rate of prostate cancer, so you could also be receiving from health benefits from doing this.

Dispelling Common Myths
As premature ejaculation is a common problem, there's a lot of advice out there on how best to treat it. In Extreme Stamina Jason makes a point of clearing up some common misconceptions and why they aren't the solution you're looking for.

For example, one trick that people often recommend is to think of something unsexy to help lower your arousal level. Jason points out why this isn't good for long term success and how you're ultimately taking yourself out of the present moment and shortchanging yourself if you rely on doing this.

Other ideas such as using certain positions or numbing creams to decrease your sensitivity are also panned, as by doing this you're also going to decrease a woman's sensitivity and negatively impact her ability to orgasm. And these are just band-aid solutions that mask the problem, they don't actually fix it at the root level.

What Could Have Been Better
Something that I was surprised that Jason didn't talk about was the effect that using condoms can have in delaying ejaculation. Aside from the fact that we always recommend using condoms for the obvious health reasons, they can assist you in lasting substantially longer in bed. It's not a complete solution by itself, but used in conjunction while you are learning Jason's techniques can have a strong impact.

There's also a recommendation to use a certain supplement that can perhaps lower your anxiety and help you feel more relaxed. Jason recommends using this so you can experience what being in this state feels like, but not to use it as a long term solution. One authority site online recommends not using this supplement as it may be unsafe, although Wikipedia suggests the issues with it were due to a contaminant in earlier versions of the supplement and it now appears to be fine.

However it does note that there are often some unpleasant side effects, so it may be a case of the relatively small benefits not being worth the possible risks. Jason does recommend to consult your doctor before using this supplement, but for the majority of guys I question whether this supplement is one that you should even bother to try. The other techniques he talks about are likely to lead you to the same benefits without ingesting anything potentially harmful.

Another thing that could have been mentioned is the importance of discussing your premature ejaculation if you're in a relationship. Just ignoring the situation is not going to help, but if you discuss it with your partner then you can at least address it and work towards solving it together. Sure it's an embarrassing thing to bring up, but it's also embarrassing for the woman and you'll both fee better about it if you can communicate about the issue.

This isn't talked about at all, and it would have been helpful for Jason to suggest some ways in which to discuss this in a mature and honest manner. This is only a good idea if you're in an actual relationship though, and if you're only going to have a one night stand with a woman, then it's best to avoid discussing the subject entirely.

There's a few extra bonuses that are included with the main product. One of them is a video presentation called female orgasm secrets where Jason gives a basic overview of g-spot stimulation for the purposes of squirting orgasms. It's a good introductory lesson to the subject, but at only about 14 minutes in length is limited in what it can teach you. If you'd like to hear Jason talk about this subject in much more detail then check out another of his products that we recommend, Female Orgasm Blueprint.

Another video that's included is called forever foreplay and it's also about 14 minutes long. Jason packs a lot of quality information into this presentation and it centers around three things you can do to create higher levels of sexual arousal in women. He's on the money with all of his advice here, and it's well worth a listen to even if the ideas aren't anything revolutionary.

There's an audio interview between Jason and Brad Jackson that's around 50 minutes long, and has some interesting information as well. A couple of PDF documents are included that are written by other dating coaches, that you might want to check out, but are more for promotional purposes rather than containing anything all that useful.

The Bottom Line
If you suffer from premature ejaculation then this is a must-have product. It's not going to give you a simple fix that tries to mask the problem, rather it's going to show you how you can recondition your mind and body so that you can actually have control over when you decide to ejaculate.

The exercises and techniques aren't particularly difficult, but you do need to make the effort to consistently do them. The more time you dedicate to following Jason's advice, the quicker you're going to see noticeable improvement. I have no doubt that applying the information in this product will lead you to a more fulfilling sex life for you and your partner/s.

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