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"Effective When Used On Many Attractive, Socially Confident Girls - But Very Complex to Implement"

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The Good
Shows you how to talk to women in a way that resonates on an emotional level. Gives plenty of word for word practical examples of what to say and do.

Good for attracting women who are out of your league in terms of looks. A lot of content for what you pay, good value for money.
The Bad
Will be overwhelming for most guys, especially if you're a beginner due to the system's complexity. Some of the advice in lifestyle development is misleading as they focus on things that aren't that important.
The Bottom Line
If you typically have boring conversations with women and don't know how to spike their emotions, this is a good course for to help you with that. It's biggest strength is in bars and clubs at night to attract younger, party girl types of women.

The explanation of the system is very technical and detailed. For this reason, the course is best suited for guys who already have a bit of experience (intermediate to advanced), who will get the most value from it - and are not likely to be overwhelmed. If you are able to focus on the big picture and don't get bogged down by all the details, this is a solid system for attracting women.


So, what is 3 Second Sexual Attraction 2.0 (3SSA) all about? Well the premise of the system is that you'll only be talking to women in chunks of roughly 3 seconds at a time. The author, Mehow, calls these chunks 'soundbites' and the idea is to use soundbites packed with value to create attraction in women.

It is also a comprehensive pickup artist system - the most comprehensive created to date in fact.

It covers everything from preparation and things you need to change in your life and appearance and so on, to meeting, attracting and seducing women. It also goes beyond this stage to relationships and relationship types and other areas through the many bonuses ebooks targeting frequent topics and challenges men have in their dating lives. It contains so much material that it will keep you busy for a long time.

A Bit of Background to the Evolution of 3SSA

This is the second evolution of his system which was first developed in 2008 and originally called 10 Second Sexual Attraction.

In this 2nd version, released in 2013, 5 years after the first version, Mehow has made many refinements and added a lot more detail. The manual is now a lot bigger with 368 pages. He changed the name to 3 Second Sexual Attraction because he felt that reflected how the system works better.

Mehow originally trained under Mystery, and started with the Mystery Method, designed for picking up women in bars and clubs, which has arguably had an important influence on what Mehow teaches. Mehow has spent 1000s of hours in primarily clubs, and bars, modifying, evolving and refining on Mystery’s ideas to develop his own system and style.

If we look at other systems from coaches who originally trained with Mystery these have not been updated since 2008 (now 6 years ago). These include Venusian Arts, Love Systems and Sinns of Attraction for example.

As such, 3 Second Sexual Attraction 2.0, is effectively the latest evolution of the more detailed systems (like Mystery Method) that have a strength in meeting and attracting women in bars and clubs.

Where it is most similar to Mystery Method, and Mystery’s original teachings, is in its structure of how to approach picking up women, its complexity and detailed emphasis, and its understanding of the underlying principles that attract women.

Where it is most different, and where Mehow has innovated, is in its whole approach to conversation and communication. Mehow’s use of his "soundbite" defines to a great extent how the system works.

Mehow’s Innovations - "The Soundbite" and Conversation Elements

The soundbite underlies virtually everything you say and do inside Mehow’s 3SSA 2.0. The nice thing about this is that it’s not too difficult to keep this main principle in mind. So you can get started implementing and using the system in conversations with women relatively easily.

What Mehow has done by using the soundbite is to replace the old concept of longer routines (typical of Mystery Method type systems) with short, high impact soundbites to do the same job. The reasoning behind this is that if you're the one putting all the effort into the interaction by doing all the talking, you seem like the one who is chasing. What you want to do is encourage her to participate more herself, as the more she invests by talking with you, the more it sets the frame that she is also working for your attention and approval (that she is attracted to you).

So what’s important here? Does it work? Does it have this effect it’s supposed to have? The answer is yes, the soundbite concept is an effective approach for attracting women.

A bonus of the “Soundbite", and one of the reasons Mehow discovered it, is that it simplifies learning to talk to women. The short soundbites put less pressure on you to make a lot of conversation and give you less space for you to say things that could make a girl less attracted to you (most common with guys when they are first learning).

Mehow emphasizes that you should never talk longer than 10 seconds - or even 3 seconds in the system. However, this is pretty extreme and is not necessary. Instead use it as a guideline to keep your conversation pieces short and sharp, particularly early on in the interaction and when you’re first learning. Later you can use it more as a guideline so that it doesn't stifle your conversation by following it mindlessly.

Mehow describes using different conversation 'elements' in your soundbites and how you need to use a range of elements to get women sexually attracted to you. So these are things like attraction, sexual innuendo, touch, qualification and others. You are taught different techniques and ideas you can use to achieve the purpose of each element.

The unique value of learning these 'conversation elements' is the high level of detail with which they are explained and the many examples given. This makes it the most detailed explanation of conversation we’ve ever seen. Most of the focus of these elements is on attracting women.

If you are detail orientated and technically inclined (perhaps of an IT or engineering background for example) this could make learning to converse effectively more practical for you. This is really a learning personality thing. We’ve seen that some people do best learning in a very soft - non detailed way, while others do better digging into details with a harder learning style. If you’re more of the detailed kind of learner this will probably be a better fit for you than other softer systems.

I’d add that, someone who is already relatively knowledgable and effective at picking up women could further refine and add to their knowledge and approaches with Mehow's two innovations. Mehow has taken his explanation and use of communication pieces to a more extreme level than other systems - so it fits this more ‘advanced’ use case.

Best Situations and Women to Use 3SSA With

The "soundbite" system is particularly well adapted to nightlife.

One of the limitations of using longer routines, like long stories, if you're in a loud environment like a nightclub is that it is quite difficult to hold someone's attention. There are constant distractions and it’s difficult for a girl to hear everything, which causes her to tire of it quicker.

By using high impact soundbites you've got a better chance of keeping someone engaged and because you create the space for them to respond and be actively involved, they're less likely to get bored. As such, this system is best suited to night venues, and on girls that tend to have shorter attention spans, typically party girls and younger girls.

One of the quotes from near the end of the book is, "Regardless of what they say, women actually want edgy, dominant asshole types". This is a reasonable summary of the approach Mehow takes to attracting women. The book really focuses heavily on teasing girls and doing everything you can to avoid the nice guy image. So if that's a problem you have, this will help show you how to break past that stereotype.

Some of the teases are very harsh, and could involve calling her fat or other things women are very sensitive about. Even if she knows you're joking, women can still take this very personally and in general I would suggest staying clear of teasing girls about anything to do with their weight, unless you really know what you're doing. Heavy teasing can get you negative reactions and become counterproductive if overused or if used with the wrong women. Mehow does admit to this in the book and talks about how to recover from it.

So if you're using this system keep this “Calibration" point in mind so you can refine your approach based on women’s reactions. Although the book already has a lot of content, a chapter on this theme would’ve been really useful.

An important point to understand here.

Be aware that a lot of the girls that Mehow interacts with are in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, tend to be on the younger side (20 to 30), and be party girl types that spend much of their time in clubs and get hit on endlessly. The heavy teasing and a bit more confrontational approach tends to work well when you talk with these girls early on, as you need to do something to provoke some kind of a reaction in them. Otherwise they can be very dismissive and blow you out straight away.

For regular girls, who are older, in their 30s plus, and in less ‘party’ emphasized cities (e.g. Washington D.C.), this type of game can be overkill. For less attractive girls this would also be the case. So use it at your own discretion. When used correctly and on the girls that are most receptive to it, this style of game can be one of the fastest ways to create huge amounts of sexual tension.

Emphasizing Lifestyle Development

One of the areas that Mehow talks about a lot is developing a lifestyle that will help you attract more women. This is generally more of an advanced topic as it takes some time to implement, but in the long run it's something you definitely want to focus on and it will make a huge difference for you.

So there are a variety of good mindsets and tips given towards this goal, and the advice stretches quite far beyond the dating lifestyle. Mehow goes on to discuss the importance of areas such as wealth and health and how they affect your lifestyle.

As an example, of how this stretches into your life in general, Mehow talks about the importance of doing something in your life that you're passionate about, and creating ways to fund the lifestyle you want to live.

This is good advice and something that is necessary if you want to make the most of your dating life. That also runs pretty deep and is what we'd call an advanced topic. It takes hard work, and is a longer term goal.

This is one of the parts of this course that is mostly targeted towards the advanced. Mehow has set high standards for his lifestyle and recommends you take on the same style of goals because it benefits your dating life and attractiveness to women.

On the more practical side, there is some really basic advice on ways to go about this redesigning your lifestyle, but nothing in any real depth that will give you all the steps necessary to make it happen.

Mehow is effectively trying to tackle the whole 'wealth' side of your life and how to use it to create an attractive lifestyle. This is, of course, a whole area of it's own that people spend most of their lives working on. So this part may seem overwhelming to you, as it sets some big goals and ideas mostly without the implementation details.

Overall, the system addresses many of the lifestyle issues you definitely need to fix to prevent them from undermining your efforts to get better with women. It also provides some advanced and specific ideas of what you can aim for as a lifestyle without too much implementation detail.

A Complex and Often Advanced System - Do You Need It All?

Some chapters, and the more advanced use of this system, gets somewhat complicated and confusing, with each of the elements being denoted by a letter for abbreviation. There's also abbreviations for things like takeaways and directives, attraction and comfort phases, and overall it gets incredibly intricate. There are diagrams using buckets of water to illustrate exactly how much value one of your elements should provide depending on how much value her elements just provided, in what is known as a 'value warfare smack down’.

Trying to keep track of it all and make sense of everything would become overwhelming for most guys. There is a lot of information and the best order of elements, and how to combine them together. This is really coming straight from Mehow and in my opinion he’s asking you to learn to a level of intricacy that he has worked to through over 8 years of field experience and 1,000s of hours talking with women. That’s not something anyone lacking experience is going to be able to work up to quickly.

Could it be helpful to your game? Probably with the hottest and most challenging women.

Most guys however don’t need to learn this to get great results - and success with women that they will be satisfied with. So many guys can not worry too much about this part, and just skip over it calling it “very advanced stuff".

There is good reason for you being aware of this. A problem with this type of detailed structure is that it can cause guys to overly focus on rules and equations, and the result is that they end up in their own head instead of in the moment. That's how getting overwhelmed by the advice will stop you getting results with girls.

So in summary.

Once you understand the principles in this system you can use various soundbites at the appropriate times. And in this sense, it can be really helpful by giving you the tools to always have something to say to women that is aimed at making an emotional impact. But don't end up where you can't see the forest for the trees, where you place too much emphasis on the smaller details instead of the main things that make you attractive. Worrying about the right ratios of different elements and what percentage your next value element has in relation to hers is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Seeing How the System Works: In-Field Videos
A strong point of this course is the fact that it contains real video footage of Mehow approaching women to demonstrate how this style of interaction should look. Very few programs provide this kind of footage, having said that, it could be improved significantly.

For the night game videos (bars and clubs), there are four clips of Mehow in action. For day game (meeting girls during the day), there's two videos of Mehow and one of a student of his, Royce.

Most of the videos were published earlier inside some of his older programs like Get the Girl Infield Exposed. So you'll notice the difference in Mehow's appearance in the night versus day videos. The day game videos were recorded more recently, and were not included in previous programs.

The videos do a decent job of showing the 3SSA system in action. And for all the videos they have separate clips where the interaction is broken down and analyzed - which is helpful.

The night videos in particular show you how you can use random soundbites to spike women's emotions and create interest. Mehow is the first to admit that he's not the best looking guy in the world, and even though their faces are blurred, clearly the women would be considered much more attractive than he is.

Bars and clubs and night game are more Mehow's area of expertise and where he has spent more time. The videos show him approaching girls and getting good reactions without having to do anything that impressive, he just has a good, positive energy about him. You can see the girls end up having a lot of fun.

One thing to note here. You may notice that the night videos don't fit in as strictly with the 3 second rule of the 3SSA system as the day game videos. For instance, some of his soundbites are a bit longer (e.g. over 10 seconds), and there is also less emphasis on being the 'edgy asshole' that the book advises. It's a shame that these don't follow the current system exactly - but overall you get a good feel for the system from the footage.

In one of the videos, which is less impressive (keep in mind these videos were a filmed few years ago) he is talking to a girl for a while and throughout the interaction he keeps trying to escalate, by hugging her, putting her on his lap, bringing her in close etc. It becomes clear that she's not comfortable with this and keeps trying to resist, and is enjoying talking to him but probably not sexually attracted. She tells him not to try and kiss her, and when he asks for her number she makes it clear that it will only be to hang out as friends.

This video provides a good lesson in persistence however. Mehow never gives up and keeps trying to push the interaction forward. It is an example of how having the high energy, party guy, sexually ambiguous type of persona can get girls talking and having fun with you despite initially being resistant.

In the day game videos you get to see Mehow using the latest version of his system. The first of the two day game videos is shorter at about eight minutes. At the end of this one you see a clip of Mehow and the girl kissing.

The second day game video is longer so gives you more video to see 3SSA in action. However, there is one issue from it. It is debatable how true to life it is. The issue is that a couple of minutes into the video footage it cuts out and on screen text appears saying they are getting the girl to sign a model release.

So for the rest of this clip, which is about twenty minutes or so, the girl is aware she's being filmed and has been filled in on the purpose of the video. Since the girl is 19 and half his age, it's tough to say if there is any genuine interest on her part or if it's just interest because she's signed a form.

In summary, the video footage is helpful and a very welcome addition to this program and does make it more practical. It would definitely benefit from more being added with recent night game footage and longer day game footage.

Is Mehow’s Path The Right Path For You?

A lot of the more advanced advice in this course recommends very specific approaches to lifestyle, to attraction, and to women.

Mehow is obviously very happy with his dating lifestyle and lifestyle in general, and passionate about communicating his ideas around how to attain the same lifestyle as he has.

On the one hand, this paints a clear picture of a target lifestyle and relationships with women you can aim for. If you don’t know what you want, and how you should piece together your life to get it, here is a clear picture. It’s Mehow’s lifestyle design.

On the other hand, if you have different aspirations or have already been moving down a different road (e.g. Corporate career or specialized career like entertainment etc) or are just at a different stage of your life (e.g. Student at university) be careful not to let Mehow’s passion for his way of life to interfere with what you need - and what your life is about.

A couple of examples of these very specific recommendations include:

  • Create your own business around your passions, outsource areas of your life and generally follow the inspiration of Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week which is an obvious inspiration to him.

    Specifically, he recommends quitting your job and spending your time doing what you really love. Depending on where you are in life, this may be difficult to get your head round - and outside of your reality - or perhaps not relevant. Nonetheless, for most reading about this will at least open your mind up to other potential possibilities, that's a good thing.

    I myself follow this style of life and love it. However, it’s not necessarily everyone’s goal - should you check it out? Definitely - it could change the way you approach your life. Do you have to go only this route? Definitely not. So that book is worth checking out if you find the subject matter/ approach to life interesting as Mehow relates it in 3SSA 2.0.

  • Using hormone replacement therapy if you're over 30. Some people are doing this today and like the results (I.e. Easier muscle growth, anti-aging) - Mehow is one of these. But it’s an extreme approach to health followed by a minority and it’s early days in the research around it as to its safety. So for instance, in my opinion, 30 is really young to consider hormonal therapy, and I believe it’s completely unnecessary. In my experience, you can get good results and also naturally increase your testosterone by a solid workout program and diet, without the cost or risk of hormone therapy. Programs you might want to check out that guide you through a natural approach to fitness and male physical health are Testosterone IO or Adonis Golden Ratio.
An Optional Upgrade - The Secret Society (TSS)

When you sign up for this course you have the option to join Mehow's monthly membership program, The Secret Society. If you choose to stay a member of this program you'll be charged a recurring monthly fee of $37 unless you decide to cancel your membership.

The Secret Society program contains a number of video modules and other material to deepen your understanding of Mehow’s system and approach. We have yet to review his membership course, but when we have you will find the review here, where you can currently learn more information about what it contains.

The Bottom Line

There’s some very solid advice inside this system and a lot of content to digest. It’s the most in depth and detailed pickup artistry system on the market today - so will take you some time to study and work through it.

If you're new to dating advice the complexity of this system is likely to overwhelm you. A better starting point would be Conversation Escalation, to learn some basic conversation skills with women first.

This course is best suited to intermediate to advanced guys in the following situations:

  • Do you typically have boring conversations with women and don't know how to spike their emotions? This course tackles this issue well.
  • What types of girls are you interested in? Do you want to meet girls in bars and clubs? This systems strength is in difficult highly social situations typical of bars and clubs. It’s also most relevant to younger, partier (and often hotter) types of woman - who you’ll find in greatest numbers out partying at night.
  • Are you a technical learner? Do lots of details help you to learn? The explanation of the system is very technical and detailed. If you like to keep things simple and light on theory, you probably won't enjoy this. For some guys the detail will be very helpful - so the main point here is consider your learning style - this is best suited to detail orientated guys - and guys who already have decent conversation skills but want to refine them could also do that thanks to its extreme detail.
  • Are you already experienced in pickup artistry and looking for something to refine and push your conversation and attraction skills? Improve your results with hotter women? This system provides a lot of advanced details and advice. This will be useful for guys whose results have stagnated and he wants to push to the next level.

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