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"Disappointing Countless Hours of Philosophies"

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What is really missing in the Blueprint De-Coded is practicality ...
There are hours and hours and countless hours of philosophies and parables, but very few infield applicable material.

Tyler argues that the techniques of how to open a set, for example, are not addressed in this material purposely because they were targeted by other conferences: Foundations and Transformations

There are great Mindsets to raise your inner game, but you'll be always waiting for something that will add a baggage to his game, something to apply, and that content never comes...

I tried to apply the few practical ideas to get "In State" (a state of resource defined by Tyler, in which you do not feel approach anxiety and can easily open sets in any way you desire without even having to think about it), but unfortunately, the my case, that such "State" ended up being an unreachable utopia with the resources available on the 20 DVDs ..

Although I found valuable mindsets to achieve real self-confidence, how not to seek outcomes in interactions, initiate from a point where you really believe that you're the one, the guy with high value, from the point that you do not need " tricks " and routines to achieve the level of the HB and everything else , I found myself disappointed after so many hours that were not converted into real results , though I engaged in what was proposed on DVDs ..

There's several other products I've already used which brought me applicable results in my game
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