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"Good Introduction To Basic Sexual Techniques And Some Popular Fetishes"

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The Good
Covers a wide variety of sexual topics, giving practical information on each. The women who are presenting the course have a lot of sexual experience, so are in a good position to advise on what techniques work best. Stresses the importance of communicating what you want sexually with your partner.
The Bad
The audio quality is really poor at times. Because they have tried to cover so much, there isn't a lot of depth or detail on a lot of the topics discussed. Being porn stars, their views on sex and relationships aren't always aligned with those of the average woman.
The Bottom Line
If you have limited sexual experience and are looking for a basic overview of effective sexual techniques, this might be a good place to start. The women simulate different techniques on each other to demonstrate how they work. If you already have a good amount of sexual experience you'll likely find most of the information here too basic. For those who are looking to spice things up with their partner their is some solid information on fetishes, bondage and roleplay.


The Incredible Sex Video Series takes the form of a live seminar that was also recorded to create this product. I have to point out that it suffers to a degree as the emphasis seems to have been more on the live presentation than the resulting DVD. To start with, the course begins midway through the seminar, so there is no introduction given by or about the speaker, or on the purpose of the course. Also the two assistant presenters have one microphone to share for the entire seminar, and when they talk without the microphone it's too hard to hear them. Most of the time everything is audible, but there were times I just couldn't make out what was being said.

The main presenter of this seminar is Ryan Keely, a former porn star and Penthouse Pet. She is assisted by two other porn stars, who help to demonstrate techniques and positions, as well as discuss ideas with. It's worth noting that the concept here is similar to the 2 Girls Teach Sex company, but whereas in those products the presenters are naked and engaging in actual sex, here the models are wearing lingerie and only simulating sex acts.

Laying Your Sexual Foundation
This course is broken up into different modules, getting more advanced as they go. So it starts off quite basic, teaching the best ways to touch a woman that are seductive rather than creepy. The focus is on light touches rather than being heavy handed, as women are a lot more sensitive to touch than men are. They also demonstrate some erogenous zones that are commonly ignored by men, who normally rush things sexually and don't spend the time on foreplay that a lot of women wish for.

The topic of kissing is covered briefly as well. They go over a few do's and don'ts, and one of the recurring themes touched on here is how men are often to forceful and aggressive while women appreciate things more sensual and softer. So when kissing they recommend not trying to have a swordfight with your tongues, but what you should be doing instead.

One of the most effective ways you can get a woman to orgasm is by using your fingers, and here they cover some basic fingering techniques. They talk about a sure-fire way to be able to find the clitoris, and the kind of stimulation it needs for a woman to be able to cum. They have a brief overview of squirting orgasms and how they are achieved via g-spot stimulation. One of the models talks about having two g-spots, with the second one being right at the back. What she's actually referring to is what's known as the a-spot and sometimes referred to as the deep spot. The info here is quite basic and if you're interested in squirting orgasms there are some more detailed products out there, such as White Tiger Tantra and 2GTS.

They also go a bit more advanced and talk about fisting, which is not simply sticking your whole fist inside her. They show a more pleasurable way to do this that they enjoy, but be aware that not all girls will be comfortable with you trying to use this technique on them, as many girls are too tight for this. Different types of lube are discussed here and which ones you are better off using, as well as some basic safety and hygiene issues. They also give some reasons as to why women may not always be wet, such as medications she might be taking causing her to be dry, so it's important to use lube and don't think that just because she's not wet it means she isn't turned on.

Knowing the best ways to go down on a woman is an important sexual skill, and they talk about a few basic oral techniques here. Ryan mentions that she uses the same basic technique 90% of the time and that it does the job. She makes it abundantly clear throughout the course that she's had sex with a lot of different women, so she should know what she's talking about. She also advises that if it's not something you enjoy doing, you're better off just being honest and telling the girl that you're not into it, rather than doing it half-heartedly. Since you'll need to spend a bit of time down there to help her have an orgasm (she says absolute minimum is ten minutes), if you're not prepared to do it properly you're better off not doing it at all.

Sex Like A Porn Star?
If you're expecting this course to teach you how to do everything you see in porn films, then you will be disappointed. The girls actually talk about how many things you see in porn are not a good idea in real life, and many women won't actually enjoy. For example, in porn they engage is a number of different and complicated positions at times. The reason for many of the positions is simply so the camera can get a good angle to film everything up close. The girls all say that in real life they only generally only use variations of one or two positions each time they have sex - missionary and doggy style.

But they show you different ways that you can adapt these basic positions to add more variety and examples of when you might want to use them. Some positions, for example, are a great idea for guys who aren't as well endowed, and will help the woman feel she is being penetrated more deeply. There are enough positions shown here to keep you experimenting for awhile and see what works best for you and your partner/s.

Another thing that has become quite prevalent in porn is for women to be degraded and humiliated while having sex. The presenters here make it quite clear that you need to get a woman's permission first before you do anything like this with her. For example, if you're talking dirty and want to call her names like 'filthy little whore' or the like, you need to know she is okay with this first. Just because you see it in porn, don't assume every woman likes it. Similarly, they point out that it's very rude to cum on a woman's face or tits unless she has given you permission to do so.

One of the audience members asks the girls if they prefer sex in real life or on camera. It's a good question, and they all respond that their private sex lives are more enjoyable than their professional ones. Ryan points out that she's had sex with a few young guys and was wondered why they were doing some strange position, and then realized it was because they picked it up from watching porn. So you shouldn't feel intimidated by anything you see in porn or feel inspired to emulate it, as most women don't actually want that anyway.

The More Kinky Stuff
You can't have a sex advice course from three porn stars without broaching the subject of anal sex. The big thing that they point out is how much preparation goes on before filming starts that allows girls to be able to have anal sex on camera so easily. It's typical for them to use multiple enemas for hygienic reasons and to walk around with butt plugs inserted to get them loosened up.

So what this means for you is don't expect that the girl you're with will be able to accommodate you as easily as what you see in porn. Be prepared to use a lot of lube and to really take your time going slowly. Ryan demonstrates this by wearing a strap-on dildo and inserting it into a synthetic mould of a butt, showing you how little you should insert at first and how slow you need to go, as well as some other good tips. There other advice is that if you aren't prepared for things to potentially get messy, you are better off staying clear of anal sex.

If you're interested in exploring rougher sex, they also cover how to make this happen. One technique that has proven to be very effective in arousing women is hair pulling. Here, they show you the right way and the wrong way to do this. The other advantage of it that they note is that it's a pretty easy way to try and gauge how submissive a girl is.

Choking is also discussed and there are examples here of the right way and wrong way to do it. This can be quite a touchy subject for some girls, as it equates to making themselves really vulnerable. Some women love it for that very reason, whereas other girls can get freaked out if you grab them around the neck. So make sure you find out if your girl finds it enjoyable, either by talking about it or by escalating up to this in stages and seeing how she responds.

Another polarizing topic is that of slapping, and here they go over face, tit, and ass slapping. They show the best way to use your hand to spank a woman so that it feels good for the woman and also makes a pleasant sound. More women will be open to being slapped on the ass than on their breasts or face, but you'd probably be surprised by the amount of women who do enjoy all three, so don't discount it. Again, the last thing you want to do is just go ahead and slap a woman in the face while you're having sex, so you need to know that she's okay with this.

Staying Hard And Staying Safe
Erectile issues are discussed here to a certain extent, and how to make sure you can keep yourself hard. Ryan talks about using a cock ring, and what everyday item you can use instead if you don't have one handy. One of the biggest reasons they give for guys losing their erections is from the use of condoms. They talk about how most guys are so used to employing a 'death grip' when masturbating, that when having sex and wearing a condom they don't have the same sensation they're used to. So they give you a couple of different ways to practice so that you become used to the actual sensation of intercourse with a condom and can stay hard.

One potentially negative thing here is how Ryan talks about she's not interested in your cock unless it's hard. For guys who have a lot of anxiety over performance related issues, this could be quite deflating to here. To hear Ryan speak, she only sounds interested in the sexual side of a relationship and if you can't perform she simply doesn't want to see you again. Thankfully, the other two porn stars sounded a bit more forgiving about this. It's important to point out that sex is am important part of a relationship to most women, but they also value the emotional intimacy as well and will cut you some slack if you have erectile issues every now and then. However, you do want to take steps to try and rectify this issue if you have it.

And they stress the importance of always using condoms, unless you're in a committed monogamous relationship and have both been tested for diseases. They give examples of how they have been ready to go home with a guy and neither of them had a condom so the girls decided it wasn't going to happen, as it's not worth the risk This is a great example to illustrate to guys how important it is to always have a condom on you, as you never know when you're going to need it. Unfortunately, when most guys don't have a condom on them they just go ahead anyway, and thus put themselves at risk. Don't put yourself in this situation.

Mentality Of Porn Stars
One of the issues with a course such as this is that the women presenting it are not reflective of the typical woman you'll meet in everyday life. They get paid to have crazy sex on camera with many different people, which can't help but warp your perspective somewhat on sexuality and relationships in general. Ryan talks about having sex with other girls at 13 years old and attending mass orgies as though they are the norm. Which for her, they are. And this also shapes her views and preferences on all things sexually related.

But for most women you're going to interact with, going to an orgy is not an everyday event. And they aren't going to be as experienced or as comfortable with all of the subjects discussed here compared to the presenters. It doesn't discredit any of the information that they give, but you just need to absorb it in the right context. For example, Ryan at one point says that every relationship she's had has started from a one night stand. For her, sex takes precedence and if things go well from there she might open herself up emotionally to the man or woman. If you asked most women about their ideal relationship, they would generally like it to progress in the reverse order. This isn't to say one is right and one is wrong, just that the life of a porn star is not in tune with the life of most women you'll meet.

Bondage And Roleplay
There is an hour long video where Ryan interviews a professional dominatrix. This is an interesting video for people who are interested in the areas of bondage, roleplaying, sex toys and threesomes.

While the area of bondage and domination can be a sensitive topic, they claim here that three out of four women have had a rape or domination fantasy so it is clearly quite common. This doesn't mean that all these women actually want to experience this, just that they have fantasized about it and are perhaps open to exploring this with you if done in a safe and respectful way.

They briefly go over different toys you can use such as handcuffs, ropes and scarves to bind your partner's hands and how blindfolding them can greatly increase the sensations they will feel. And it's not just the physical sensations that excite women, it's also the psychological aspect of feeling dominated and being submissive that they enjoy.

If you want to explore having threesomes, they talk about the best situations in which to act out this fantasy. For example, if you're in a relationship they see it can put a massive strain on things and cause severe problems, so it's a good idea to see a relationship counsellor before and after the threesome. Whereas if you don't have any emotional ties to the people involved there's less chance of anyone getting hurt or jealous. They also note the importance of being honest and upfront with your partner about what you want; if you try and trick or manipulate them into anything it won't end well for you.

Roleplaying is quite a common way for couples to spice up their sex life, and here they go through a live demonstration of how it would look. In this case, it's a boss and secretary scenario and if you have no experience with this type of thing it should give you some good ideas. It's also worth noting that if you focus more on making the roleplaying experience about pleasing your woman and helping her live out one of her fantasies, she is more inclined to go along with it and reciprocate. If you take the approach where you just want her to dress up and pretend she's a schoolgirl, you're more likely to set off insecurity issues with her and have her think you're getting tired of her.

There are a few different bonuses that come with the main course, either video presentations or audio interviews. Some of them are decent, others not so much. The Friend Zone Annihilation presentation by Josh Rosenberg contains some good info and is worth a listen. He gives some good advice about what causes men to get put into the friend zone into the first place, and what you need to do to stay out of there.

One of the bonuses is called Under The Covers, and is of Rosenberg interviewing Ryan Keely. The audio is so poor when Ryan is speaking that I literally couldn't hear a word she said, so it is basically unwatchable.

There's a Text Her Into Bed interview with Mike Fiore that is one of the quality bonuses. Here he discusses ways you can send text messages to girls you're either in a serious relationship with or have just met to get them sexually excited and looking forward to hooking up with you. He gives some good examples here of how to do this and it's definitely worth listening to.

Another one features an interview with Amy Waterman, a female relationship expert, that has some mixed advice. The interview is conducted by Dean Cortez and is on the topic of infidelity. There is good information on how it's important to make sure your partner is happy and how to communicate with them about any problems, but she also oversimplifies a number of things. For example, saying that women always cheat for emotional reasons and not because of sex is not accurate. Cheating is a very complex issue, and the reality is that women will cheat for many different reasons, and it depends on the individual person.

The Bottom Line
If you have limited sexual experience and are looking for a basic overview of effective sexual techniques, this might be a good place to start. The women simulate different techniques on each other to demonstrate how they work. If you already have a good amount of sexual experience you'll likely find most of the information here too basic. For those who are looking to spice things up with their partner their is some solid information on fetishes, bondage and roleplay.
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