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The Tao of Badass
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"The Tao of Badass Is Pretty Good"

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What I like about this program - which is a PDF file made up of around 150 pages of information - is I can use my printer to print out the pages. This is cool because I can underline the gems of the program and make notes on the pages, as well.

The Tao of Badass was created by Joshua Pellicer. Like me, he's a self-proclaimed dork who enjoys the psychology of seduction. I enjoy most of the information he touts, such as the 'tests' section, where Josh explains when and why women are testing you, as well as the approach section.

But I did find some sections (such as the 'reading body language' section) to be too scientific as well as 'nothing new' - I say this because the information contained in the body language section (regarding female body language) has been said previously by countless dating gurus.

I also wish there was more content. Although the PDF book is 150 pages, the text has a large font and there are unrelated icons and pictures on every page, which takes up space and adds to the page count. What I'm trying to say (in the nicest way possible) is that while the information is mostly good, there simply isn't enough of it.
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