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Get Inside Her: The Female Perspective
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"Very Light on Content, Some Good Insights from a Female Perspective"

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The Good
Unique insights into pickup artist concepts from a female, helps to understand the female perspective, good practical tips on calibrating your mental state and when to act (or hold back and think).
The Bad
Some confusing structure problems in the book, unconstructive pickup artist advice bashing, little action-orientated advice.
The Bottom Line
A 'light' book which goes over many subjects without too much depth, so provides the reader with a general perspective on what he's getting into (if this was his first read of a dating advice book).

Stronger books for a beginner to start with are the Double Your Dating ebook or if you are already committed to completely transforming yourself Models: Attract Women through Honesty or How to Make Girls Chase.

If you are already experienced with dating advice, but still often confused by women's actions, Marni can probably help you. However, we recommend you check out one of her more in depth products instead of this one.


A cheap intro ebook (just $3.99) into some of Marni Kinrys ideas and advice on dating. Throughout the book you are prompted to get more information from Marni Kinrys' site. So it's a bit marketing heavy.

Overall, the content is light, skipping across most subjects pretty rapidly with some general principles.

But hey, it's $3.99, so you shouldn't be expecting a solid or comprehensive course from it. The question is, is it worth your time reading this? Let's start with its strengths…

Insights into How Women See Things
The strength of this book is that it offers a female perspective on a variety of pickup artist/ seduction type ideas and very commonly discussed topics within that community. Marni uses a descriptive style of writing when she covers how the girl perceives things which lends itself to making it clearer than other books. Of course there is the fact that "Marni" is a girl, and legitimately has a better perspective on what females are thinking than men. There are very few female coaches who discuss pickup artist community originated advice - so it's a relatively unique perspective you're getting here.

A couple of the areas where this really stands out are "The Friend Zone" and "Girls looking for attention, but nothing else" and "Shit testing" topics. Here Marni provides some insights that drill into the reasons these situations confuse men, and why women are naturally motivated to act the way they do (i.e. the behaviors that men find confusing).

Practical Tips on Your Mental State
Most of the advice in the book comes from a mindset or inner game point of view, and is good overall.

One nice point is that throughout the book there are excerpts of practical advice on understanding what kind of mental state you are in, if it is the right one to be in, and thus the right time to act. There is some backdrop behind this explaining that your mental state will lead to the right, or the wrong actions. The point made is that you have to be wary of this - totally solid advice.

What this comes down to is that it is advice on how to calibrate your state. This is a topic hammered on throughout the book and could help you to understand the current state of your inner game better. She provides a good variety of clues for you to check in on yourself with.

Pickup Artistry Based Advice?
There's a bit of a trend going on at the moment which is pickup artist advice bashing. Well, actually, it's something that has been a 'marketing theme' for around 5 years now, but we've seen a lot more of it in 2012 and 2013.

It's partly a sign of the times as the dating advice market matures and some aspects of pickup artist advice are legitimately criticized, but it's also used as a marketing tool to differentiate advice.

So at the beginning of this book there is a bit of the typical pickup artist bashing for about one chapter or so. Nothing really of value in it, so you can skip it to get to the advice.

This stands out a bit for this book because a lot of pickup artist originated concepts are discussed within it. Most of the content is based on pickup artist originated ideas although in many cases the focus is different from the typical one. Marni makes modifications or adjustments to the advice. So the bashing probably wasn't very appropriate.

A Couple of Confusing Structural Issues
The structure of this book is a little funky and hard to follow. It's like the chapters were bundled together as an afterthought? but not written originally with a structure in mind.

It's the transitions between sections that are the most jarring. In one part you're reading about meeting women and then all of a sudden its talking about online dating profiles, then again it changes and you're reading about approaching women. Sometimes this takes place mid-chapter, so there's no warning for the changes. This actually had me looking back through the pages to see if I'd had a brain blip and missed something.

In a few situations the advice is repetitive, with it coming back to the same advice and reintroducing it as if it were new. That also had me wondering if I was experiencing the well known "Deja Vu" brain blip effect and going back to see if I'd imagined reading it before.

Insights into Female Psychology, But Not so Useful on Action
Something that we talk about a lot at Dating Skills Review is that you should choose your mentors for the experience and results they have, not just for what they say.

Look to people for their strengths, and don't expect anyone to have all the answers.

Marni's strengths in her advice come from the insights into the female perspective, and your own mental state, but there is little on the actual actions you should take covered in this book.

If you think about it this makes total sense. Marni has never approached a woman. She has never experienced that. She isn't bisexual. And even if she was, she would be approaching and attracting them from a different perspective than a guy.

So ask yourself a question here.

"Are you in need of a better understanding of how women think and why they act the way they do?"

Understanding something with clarity enables you to act more clearly. So there is a lot of value in really understanding women and basically the female psychology subject as a whole.

If you have been studying advice for a while (and getting out there and experiencing the real life version of it in practice) and women still confuse you, then your answer will be yes.

Example: Some intermediate level men, who have studied pickup artist advice, but who have been struggling and confused as to why women act the way they do could definitely get some value from Marni's perspective. For that we'd recommend checking out one of her more in depth products instead of this one. You can also start by getting to know her and her advice better via our interview with her in episode 39 of Dating Skills Podcast.

The Bottom Line
This is clearly a book for the beginner to dating advice who hasn't read much already. It should be used more as an introduction to the topic than a full manual (obvious given the price tag).

It is a 'light' book which goes over many subjects without too much depth, so provides the reader with a general perspective on what he's getting into.

Stronger books to start with, that cost a little more, but not that much, are the Double Your Dating ebook or if you are committed to completely transforming yourself in the process of your dating life Models: Attract Women through Honesty or How to Make Girls Chase.

If you have some experience and study under your belt but are still confused by women's actions or find yourself hesitant to act because you aren't sure of things Marni can probably help you. We recommend you check out one of her more in depth products instead of this one.

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