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Routines Manual Vol. II
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"Soul has some stupid advice, but overall great..."

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A great book...I haven't finished it.
From what I've read it's mostly excellent.

However, I was dismayed when Soul wrote in the Daygame section on page 118,

"All the opinion openers, situational openers and functional openers you’ve learned in
this book and in Volume I. can work well in the daytime."

Are you kidding me?

Try the Breast Enlargement Opener in Starbucks.
It's an opener. In day time. Savoy even introduced it thus,

"This opener is a bit outrageous so it’s best saved for bars and
clubs and used on women who look like they or their friends
have had or seriously considered having breast enlargement."

But Soul in Routines 2 still irresponsibly said that all the openers from both volumes can be used in the day time.

Or, try the G-String opener in the daytime. Would be funny maybe 5 minutes in, but as an opener? It's too long. Plus you're talking about women's underwear to a girl you just chatted up in the day.

Or how about the Bar Opener? from volume 1.
You bet her that you get served at the bar before she does.
Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to use in the day outside of a bar.

Or how about this in the day time. This will get you arrested:

"Open that up one more button."

(if anyone has had success with the above opener in the daytime, I would LOVE to hear about it)

And another one from volume one:

Last Week's Lay:

"Did we have sex last week? YES! It's you. So good to see you again."


Dead Best Friend Opener

“My best friend died… How long do I have to wait before I
sleep with his girlfriend?”

So, you see, I've just listed 6 openers, all taken from Routines Manual 1, which should not be used during the day (I'm sure you'll agree). So Soul was dead wrong about that.

However, I'm glad I wrote this review because in revisiting Routines Manual #1 again with daygame in mind, I just found the perfect daygame opener for a Starbucks or some similar venue:

“Is it wrong to break up with someone with a text

(that's not the entire opener, there's more to's an interaction)

I would have my phone in hand looking at it.

Don't anybody use that opener if you're in the Midwest. This is my territory. On the other hand, I saw a guy on youtube pick up a girl (I think in London or some street where a bunch of PUA's gather) using the same exact opener she just heard minutes before. She said, "Another guy just said that to me." But he still plowed through and got an instant date.

So don't be afraid of getting "caught" using a canned opener. I really don't think girls care. They're grateful you gave them an excuse to meet you.

What would be funny is if you had this book, Routines Manual, and you had it opened while you were walking around a book store opening girls.
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