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This won't be as long or thorough as my other reviews, but I hope it will be as helpful.

I've now only listened through 3 of the 8 parts.

First, just a tip. You'll be able to get MOST of the utility from this just from the audio, but there ARE parts where TD is gesturing and explaining body language, and explaining a pickup or opener whereby you tap her shoulder or something, and he says, "Like this," a lot, and another part where he says, "Most newbies go into a club with creepy eye contact, like this." If you want the full blown Foundations, get the DVDs so you won't be lost when Tyler says "like this," or "not like this."

Here is why I'm writing this review. Tyler said one thing and it just blew my mind. I'd like to quote him and preserve it here in text:

"The opener is not your excuse to talk to a woman.
My opener gives HER an excuse to talk to ME."

I got chills. Maybe it's just me, because I've always felt like a wuss just for "needing" an opener. Now I feel good about it.

In fact, I'm a professional magician, but I've never opened a woman with a magic trick, on the grounds that I feel it would appear "try-hard." Now I may even re-think that.

It just reframed my entire view, and it's CORRECT! Women need an excuse to talk to US. Ask any woman how they might approach a guy they like, or what they might say. They will soon be at a loss and appreciate the challenge.

Thank you, Tyler.
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