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"As groundbreaking (and scientific) as Astrology. Left me limp."

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I give it 2 stars for the good advice given if you've never read any book on dating.

Ease of Implementation:

3 stars, although that doesn't make it quick and easy. I was thinking of other programs out there like Speed Seduction and Love Systems which have a ton of stuff to memorize which can also be overwhelming.


1 entire star. At first it seems innovative, at worst; but this idea has been done before, more than once. Of course we all know about MBTI, or the 8 Myers/Briggs personality types, which are ENFP, INFP, ESFP, ESTJ, ect...
Or maybe there are 16.
And before that, Carl Jung had his 4 (I think) personality types. Maybe it was 8.
Then Ross Jeffries sold a product through Straightforward, Inc.,
How to Find, Control and Seduce the Women of Your Dreams,
which I actually purchased over a decade ago, which had to do with seducing each woman according to her Zodiac sign.
I probably still have it in my attic and for all I know it works like gangbusters. Or it could be a magic feather (Dumbo could fly on his own but thought he could fly only when he held a feather).

The Myers/Briggs always struck me as circular reasoning. Take the long quiz, and it shows you the type you are according to your answers.

The categories Vinny puts women in seem a bit arbitrary for seduction, except the Denier/Justifier category. She either sleeps with lots of men or only one. Alert the media! Vinny "the mouse" DiCarlo discovered the secret of women that nobody could see. Some women sample men, and some women invest in one, once she's fallen for him (I know I'm mixing categories).
Anyway, Vin I expect Vin to come out with a sequel to Pandora with a 9nth "type," or one more "either/or" dichotomy which will make I don't know how many more combinations of women (you do the math).

What annoys me the most about this product is that the author claims that it's backed up with truckloads of "science." This simply isn't true. His buddy Brian read some books (ala David DeAngelo) and Vin interviewed hundreds of thousands of HB7's (you can watch the interviews and assess their attractivess yourself when you get the program), and then squeezed them into his categories.


This product should've been priced at $20, like Ross Jeffries book. Maybe even $15, because RJ's book has 12 types, so you can get 1.5 times the results (just kidding).
Also included are "videos," to go along with each ebook. They don't really add anything, because Vin just narrates word-for-word each ebook (with a worse lisp than David DeAngelo).

It reads like a newspaper horoscope (in other words, the advice he gives for dealing with _____ type could apply to any woman).
Notice how the following advice would work well with any woman.
Here are some tips for dealing with the different types:

The Playette

"The Playette wants a man who will arouse her, seduce her, take her, tame her, and leave her wanting more."
"The most effective way to get the Playette interested in you is to tease her. Avoid compliments unless she has earned them."

Oh, and all girls who go to clubs and drink are Playettes, at least when they're clubbing. So you can keep this system simple and skip all the remaining types, focusing only on club girls.

The Social Butterfly

Stand tall, and position yourself in the same proximity as if you already know her.
Smile and look her in the eye when you are talking.
Use fun, dominant touch. When you hug her, lift her up slightly.

The Hopeless Romantic

When it comes to sex itself, a Romantic will play a passive role. But when she is aroused, she responds powerfully. To her, she has drawn the man to her, and won his desire.

The Cinderella Woman

Strong eye contact is important, but don’t invade her personal space
initially. When you get the sense that she is interested, close the space
and create a bubble around the two of you with your focus.
A great way to do excite her is by tracing her neckline with your eyes.
Light touching on her arm or lower back is a good move at the beginning.

The Private Dancer

You must carry yourself assertively. Asking for compliance is a great way to open, but this requires you to do so in a congruent, confident way. Stand up straight and talk like you expect people to listen. When you ask her something, look her in the eyes.


I'll stop there, because I'm getting bored. It reads just like How to Find, Control and Seduce the Women of Your Dreams. I'm not sure which book is better.
It's all basically great advice, but it confuses you with all the different types so that the book could be unique.
It would've been a decent book with just the advice without the separation of women.

In summary, this is hocus-pocus dressed up as science (and not convincingly).
Anyone with a scientific background can quickly see through this. If it were really supported by "science," there would be pages and pages of citations of studies in the back of the book. Instead the author just tells us he interviewed 10 whorehouses worth of women and confirmed for himself that his types are accurate. There are so many flaws with his method of classification and his method of arriving at the truth that you'd need a statistics course to see them all.

There can be great value in gaining knowledge through interviews (in psychology, it's called qualitative research, as opposed to quantitative), but Vin DiCarlo is the last person I'd trust to get anything useful out of hundreds of hours of interviews.

I wouldn't say it's all useless, and the concept is promising.
The execution left me limp.

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Written by her_andrew911
July 29, 2013
i am one of those who knows what you are talking about, i would like it if we had a conversation!!!
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