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Same Night Simplified
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"Solid Product That Teaches The Practical Side Of How To Sleep With Women The Night You Meet Them"

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The Good
Focuses on simplifying a process that many guys overcomplicate. Covers theory as well as giving you practical examples of what to do and say, so you can put the ideas to use straight away. The two guys that teach this course, Nick and Epik, both seem like cool, normal guys.
The Bad
Some of the infield video/audio quality is not of the best standard. The structure of the course could have been organized better, as it feels like it has just sort of been thrown together haphazardly. Not many original ideas here.
The Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a product that focuses on sleeping with women the same night you meet them, there is some good information here. While not all of the ideas here are original, it does a pretty good job of distilling concepts and techniques down to those that are the most useful.

This is best suited to the beginner and intermediate level who want to meet women in bars and clubs. There is nothing revolutionary in this product, but enough solid advice to get you out and taking action after you absorb it.


Same Night Simplified is a multimedia product that has the aim to teach you the simplest way to get women into bed the same night you meet them. The program is taught by Nick Quick and Epik, two guys that live in Las Vegas and have honed their system after years of approaching women in the world’s most notorious nightlife hotspot.

Update: We have received several complaints about poor customer service from this company. The following review was done before we became aware of this downside to the offer. Please take it into account.

The first thing to note is that this course focuses on what the pickup community often refers to as ‘same night lays’. Some people mistakenly think this to mean ‘one night stand’, which implies that you and the woman never see each other again after your encounter. A same night lay differs in that you leave open the possibility of anything else happening beyond that first night together.

While same night lays might not be what everyone is striving for, they do offer distinct advantages, which Nick discusses. The main reason that you should consider taking a girl home the same night you meet her, is that you may not get another opportunity with her ever again. Especially for attractive women, they always have other guys chasing them and new options all the time, so your best chance of success is to strike while the iron is hot.

Even the best and most experienced guys have had the situation where a woman is totally into them, they exchange numbers and then never see each other again. This could be due to any number of reasons, but is frustrating to say the least if it was a girl you really liked. So by aiming for a same night lay you’re giving yourself a better chance to capitalize on situations as they arise.

If you wish to develop a relationship with a girl, you might be surprised to learn that a same night lay can work to your advantage. An idea that Nick and Epik discuss in one of their videos is cognitive dissonance, which has many applications in seduction. It basically means that people don’t feel comfortable when they are holding onto two conflicting ideas or beliefs.

Since most women don’t think of themselves as the type to engage in random one night stands, if they do sleep with you straight away they will often backwards rationalize that they only did so because they really like you. Personally, I’ve had this happen a number of times, as have many guys that I know, so a passionate encounter for a night can definitely lead to a great relationship.

Same Night Lays Happen Every Night

What this course attempts to do is demystify the whole process of taking a girl home, which is often made more complicated than it really is. The truth is that women enjoy sex just as much as men do, as evidenced by the fact that every night countless women will be going home with guys they have just met in bars and clubs. When you know what to look for, you can be one of these guys too.

And that’s a large part of what this product teaches, how to spot the girls who are open to a same night lay. Something that Nick and Epik constantly talk about is the S&L matrix. Essentially, this means that a girl who is sexually aroused and has good logistics is a better candidate for a same night lay than a girl who is not sexually aroused and has poor logistics.

What are logistics? This simply refers to her set of circumstances on that particular night that will dictate how likely it is she can go home with you. For example, how far away she lives, if she is working in the morning, who she is at the club with etc. are all part of her logistical situation. So a girl who is in a club with her sister and mother, who needs to drive them home and be up early for work, is unlikely to be going home with any guy that night. But a girl who is there on her own, on holiday and has nothing to do tomorrow is much more likely to.

Nick and Epik teach some basic questions you can ask girls in casual conversation to find out what her logistics are like. This isn’t rocket science, yet it’s something that most guys will neglect even when their goal for the night is to take a girl home. As they discuss here, even if a girl has poor logistics when you meet her, you can still chat to her for a little while, take her number and follow up later. But by knowing her logistics you are simply saving your time so you don’t spend all night with one girl who has no chance of leaving with you.

There is also some pretty good advice about how to get girls to leave with you. None of this is new information, but will be good for guys who haven't heard it before and it shows that it's really not that complicated if you don't want it to be.

Sexual Arousal

Even if you find a girl with great logistics, this won’t help you unless you are able to get her sexually aroused enough to go home with you. An important area that is covered here is sexual framing, which is basically setting up the interaction between you and the woman as a sexual one. What this course does well is it gives specific, practical examples you can use to do this. It also teaches the idea behind them, so that you can create your own.

The sexual frames that they cover here are not original, and I’ve seen a couple of other dating coaches cover them in detail before. The information is still valid, but it would have been good to see Nick and Epik put their own fresh spin on some of the ideas that others created.

Once you get comfortable with this technique it can provide a massive shortcut to sleeping with girls quickly. Having a conversation about what she does for work and her family is unlikely to get her turned on, but if you can have a fun, exciting interaction that lets her tap into her naughty side she is going to be more inclined to explore that side with you.

In fact, one of the lines that Nick gives as an example is, “You seem like a really nice girl, but I can detect a serious naughty side to you”. This is the kind of statement that can lead to sharing with each other the naughtiest things you have both done and can compel her to see you in a sexual light.

Another area that you can use sexual framing is in dealing with her most likely objections to sex. The course covers the most common barriers women have to going home with a guy and how you can set her mind at ease so that she doesn’t have these fears. For example, most women worry about their reputation and how their friends will perceive them if they have sex with a man she just met, but if you can let her know you are discrete and can keep a secret you will offset this fear.

Just Being A Normal Person

One of the negative aspects of the pickup community is that some of the guys who learn from it can implement some of the ideas and risk coming across as weird in social situations. Be it from dressing outlandishly or using scripted pickup lines that sound fake, by trying to change who they are they can give off a strange vibe.

Nick and Epik both just seem like normal guys and there is little chance that women are going to call them out on being a pickup artist. Nick actually talks about in a video that his favorite way to start a conversation with girls is by just saying hi. That the opening phase is not that important, but what comes after it. Because he has an enthusiastic, positive energy he can get away with saying pretty much anything.

The good thing about what they teach here is that you can implement it without needing to put on some kind of false persona. You can put these ideas to use and if done correctly none of it is going to come across as strange or incongruent.

Getting Girls To Invest In You

A term that is used throughout this course is ‘baiting to invest’. This refers to a tactic of encouraging girls to make an investment into your interaction or relationship, depending on what stage you are at. This is similar to the idea of compliance in the dating community, and is another area where cognitive dissonance comes into play. If somebody invests in something, they will value it more. So if a girl puts effort into something for you, she will more likely rationalize to herself that it’s because she likes you.

An example that Nick gives is when he would have girls coming over to his house, he would ask them to pick up a Slurpee for him on the way. This was actually a particular flavor of Slurpee that they didn’t make anymore, which he knew but the girls didn’t. So some girls would drive around to multiple places trying to find it for him, which increased their investment in him.

I’m not suggesting you need to ask girls to pick up non-existent items for you, but the psychological principle behind it is very interesting and worth paying attention to. This is something girls often do to guys all the time, intentionally or not. They have guys buy them things, hold things for them, do chores for them etc. and the guys think they are ingratiating themselves to the woman, when really they are increasing their own investment and will want her to choose him even more because of it.

A simple application of this idea is that you can get girls to invest more in the conversation with you by having her ask more questions. Rather than volunteering all of the information on your own, be vague on a few points so that she feels compelled to ask you for more information. Similarly, other small tasks such as having her hold or watch your drink while you go to the bathroom are an easy way to have her invest early in the interaction.

Infield Video And Audio

There are a few infield media components that make up this course. One of those is a video of about half an hour that shows Nick approaching a woman at a bar in Vegas and then leaving with her. He says it’s a girl that he slept with after leaving with her, and I’d have to take him at his word on that, as there is no evidence of that. I wouldn’t say from the video that there is a lot of obvious sexual attraction on the part of the girl, but it’s possible that develops more after they leave.

There are a few problems with the video in that the guy filming it loses track of Nick and the girl for a period of time and walks around looking for them. The video quality itself is not great as they’re filming in a busy place at night so the footage is pretty grainy. And of course there is a lot of noise in the environment so the audio quality is not ideal either. There is enough there to see and hear the interaction but compared to other infield footage from other products this is far from the best.

What it does demonstrate is how important it is to find a girl with the right logistics. The girl in this video is by herself as her friend has left and she is looking to party so more open to something happening if a guy comes along.

There is also an audio only clip of Epik going on a date with a girl he met online. His actual online dating profile is included, which is a good benefit, as you can see the kind of humorous style he has used and how it differs to what most guys do.

But the audio here suffers from the same problem as Nick’s video in that there is a lot of background noise and hard to make out everything that is said. It’s also incredibly long at just under three hours and without any video to provide context to what is being said, there are parts that just aren’t useful at all. Besides this, it’s also quite boring to listen to a couple of hours of two people on a date. But if you can work through it there are some good examples of the sort of laid-back, confident and playful attitude that works well with women. It goes all the way up to having sex with the girl so if that’s something you want to hear you might find it useful.

Steve Maydea, aka El Topo, makes a guest appearance here via three infield audio clips. The first two are of him meeting a stripper while she is working and the subsequent phone call and them meeting up and having sex. This is heavily edited and he provides commentary throughout, so it isn’t an entire interaction from beginning to end.

Be warned that these clips are very explicit and are tantamount to what you’d expect to hear when watching porn. I question the educational value of keeping the audio running once they are having sex and it seems El Topo likes the exhibitionist nature of having guys listening to him have sex, as this is what happens in the third clip too.

Only this time he is on a conference call with some of his students when he invites a girl around so they can hear her have sex with him and one of his friends. It’s a girl that he has already slept with but she has never met his friend and his goal is to get a threesome going. While he argues that he is simply doing this for educational purposes, I don’t think this sort of thing is going to be relevant to most guys and seems more about him showing off to his students. There is also some heavy breathing from one of the guys on the conference call and the students seem to be enjoying this in a way that can only be described as creepy.

When El Topo provides commentary there is some decent information about how seduction involves you remaining comfortable enough to escalate the situation, and he does a good job of leading things forward. But he also makes a lot of statements about how his way of teaching is right and how everyone else in the dating industry is wrong, so he is stereotyping everyone together which is not an accurate assessment.

Overall I found the infield stuff on the disappointing side, either for the content or the quality of the audio. Having some written transcriptions would have been helpful for when certain parts can’t be heard clearly.

Product Thrown Together

There is enough good information here but I feel it could have been presented a bit better at times. I get the feeling that a lot of the content has been taken from other products or was already created and it was all thrown together rather than created from scratch. Some of the same information and ideas are repeated in different parts and there is an inconsistency in the way it is all presented.

The written content is delivered via Scribd but would have been better if it could been downloaded as a simple PDF file. There are workbooks for each section with questions to answer, which is a good way to learn, and these are downloadable PDFs, which make them easier to read than on Scribd.

Some of the videos where they are teaching different ideas have a kind of cheesy feel to them at times with the way they have been edited, but it’s not a big deal. Overall I just think more time could have been devoted to the way it was all presented and laid out, as the number of spelling mistakes and errors makes me think it was rushed in parts.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a product that focuses on sleeping with women the same night you meet them, there is some good information here. While not all of the ideas here are original, it does a pretty good job of distilling concepts and techniques down to those that are the most useful.

This is best suited to the beginner and intermediate level who want to meet women in bars and clubs. There is nothing revolutionary in this product, but enough solid advice to get you out and taking action after you absorb it.

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