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"Disappointed in Day Game Domination"

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I first have to admit that I fell hook, line and sinker for the sales letter of this product. Shame on me. The claims were quite hyped. Essentially stating that one not-so-attractive, out-of-shape man spent five years approaching women during the day, testing every conceivable method, to ultimately crack the code to approaching any woman on the street and in just a few minutes creating an attraction she would find impossible to resist.

What red blooded man wouldn't want to learn these secrets, allowing him to effortlessly approach any hottie, quickly strike up a conversation, magically induce a powerful attraction she simply could not resist, and fuck the shit out of her that afternoon?

Why is it so many ads for 'how to meet and seduce women' products stress it does not matter what your looks are, your age, how much money you make, or the kind of car you drive...just learn these secrets and any woman will become dripping wet with desire for you...

Yeah, right.

And I have a bride to sell you in Brooklyn.

To Yad's credit, Day Game Domination does show him walking up cold to women, striking up conversations, talking with them for several minutes, and getting their phone numbers. You see him do it not once, but six times. Okay, great. There is something to be said for having the balls to walk up to a woman and talk to her cold. Really. Lots of guys can't or won't do that. I definitely give Yad lots of credit for having the courage to approach, and doing it over and over again. That's the real secret to meeting and dating more women: do more approaches. Lots more. It's the only way to get more dates. Approach, talk to and ask out more women. It works.

But there's nothing magical about it.

Books, CDs, DVDs, seminars and personal dating coaches have taught 'how to approach women' for many years. You don't see Yad do anything earth shatteringly new, unique or different. He walks up and talks to a woman. The does it five more times over the course of 7 DVDs.

Except for DVD one, all of the DVDs are of Yad and Richard LaRuina watching videos of Yad approaching and talking to women, pausing the tape every 30 or 60 seconds, and talking about what's going on.

The first DVD was excellent, providing a structure to the 'system' Yad claims to use. Unfortunately, after DVD one, there is no mention of the system any longer. Yad just talks stream of consciousness about what he is doing and why. No reference back to the 'system' on DVD one. It's like they forgot about it.

Some men might find seeing Yad actually do six approaches to be really valuable. Especially men who have very little experience approaching women. I did not find the footage of his approaches to be very useful. I've done a lot of approaches myself. I've watched other men do a lot of approaches. Everyone does it a little different. We all eventually develop our own style and unique method.

Yad's comments about what he is doing and why he is doing it may be insightful and instructional to some men. Certainly I get the impression Yad's heart is in the right place and he is genuine in his interest to teach and help others. But Yad is Yad. He has his own personality, just as you or I have our own personalities. What works and feels comfortable for Yad may not work quite as well or feel comfortable for you. Or me.

It's also not particularly useful to have someone tell you what they are doing, without getting into the specific details of HOW they are doing it. And that's my real dissatisfaction with this program: Yad goes on and on and on telling you WHAT he did and WHY he did it...but he does not tell you HOW SPECIFICALLY TO DO IT. I found this very frustrating. If you watched a mechanic change the water pump on your car, and he explained what he was doing and why, but did not tell you HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, you probably would not be able to repeat the work he did. And this is the problem I have with Day Game Domination.

In summary, if you are completely inexperienced with walking up to women during the day, talking to them, and getting phone numbers, you may indeed benefit from Day Game Domination. On the other hand, if you have any experience with day game, have approached a few dozen women, and gotten phone numbers and dates, you may think the material in Day Game Domination is pretty basic.

The real 'secret' to dating more women, and having more choice in the women you date, is to do lots and lots and lots of approaches, and keep working at it over many weeks and months. While you keep working at it, read books on how to get better at approaching women and asking them out. Keep learning. Keeping practicing. Keep trying new things. Keep paying attention to the results you are getting. Continually strive to improve. Do all of this, and you will start to get better at it. Find and befriend other men who are good (or at least going out regularly and working hard at trying to get good by actually doing lots of approaches) and you will get good faster.

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