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It's hard to grade this on Ease of Implementation, because today all day I let girls pass me by and I strived to just approach them according to the instructions.

The method is simple. It's not complicated or overwhelming like Ross Jeffries stuff or Mystery's stuff. At the same time, there are different parts to learn.

Though it is simple, it is NOT easy to implement. Maybe it becomes easy eventually...but today, there were several cute girls who were clearly into me, and I flirted a little but that was that. I couldn't find the courage to do anything real.

The brunette girl, Sarah Moxom (Yosha said her name in the Capture videos), was stunning.
Not sure whether she was hired or previously gamed.

Yosha was an excellent speaker, but a few times might've stepped on Yad's toes. Not sure.

The 3 things I HATED about this product (all audio issues):

1. The intro and outro music is MUCH louder than the audio of the seminar. It nearly gave me a heart attack every time each segment ended, because of the blaring volume of the music.

2. The seminar students ask questions which cannot be heard, and the speakers fail to repeat the question (except Tom), for the benefit of the DVD. I remember Ross Jeffries was always good about this. After someone was finished with his question, RJ would say, "His question is...." Then he would answer it. In Daygame Blueprint, you hear answers but you don't know the questions.

3. Half of the infield videos COULD HAVE BEEN SO helpful, but are practically USELESS because you can't hear or understand anything the girl says, and sometimes you can't hear Yad.

Why don't they clean up the audio in a program like Audacity or something?
Yad said in the last segment that the DVD's would have subtitles, since it's impossible to understand the words. There are no subtitles.

That's why I grade it a 1 for value for the money. You can't charge $200 for a product and not even bother to spend 20 minutes using a free audio program to clean up the feedback in the audio.

Also, even though they talk about street approaches primarily, they also talk about coffee shops and other venues. Why not simply film the infield videos in a quieter venue, like a museum? If you did that, your infield videos would be better than anyone else's. Mystery's videos are always unwatchable because Mystery performs in loud clubs and bars. Why not film a pickup in a quiet area, just for the sake of the watchability of it. Or if you still insist on producing infield footage with unintelligible audio, AT LEAST put in some subtitles.

In spite of my annoyance with the quality of the audio, I really liked the product overall. Maybe in a month I'll feel even better about it...because I intend to implement it. I just need to see the Wizard of Oz first for some courage.
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