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End Game
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It may not be the easiest book to read and understand at first but once you get what LoGun is talking about and implement it into your life , you understand how powerful this book is!!
Also , I will say that it's not exactly "pick-up" (The book actually describes why most pick-up stuff is the exact opposite of real self esteen and authenticity) and the concepts in this book might shock you at first.
However , this book is more about how one man helped another to transform his life from one filled with misery , suffering , and chronic dissatisfaction to one filled with joy , love , and fulfilment sprinkled with healthy amounts of misery , suffering and dissatisfaction.
Many may consider this as "real self-esteem"...
LoGun claims in no way that he is perfect nor amazing with women , and he actually describes how many times he f&ck*d up things in his life , hurt people and was inauthentic with people...
I decided to purchase this book with my own money as it's so powerful and life changing and I had to get a solid copy of this book.
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Written by Segun jay
November 07, 2016
Can you please post a link to where I can get the hard copy of this book. I read and thought it was worth having in hard copy.
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