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"This is a masterpiece of epic proportions and a true work of art in the self-improvement area"

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I'm calling this a masterpiece of epic proportions and a true work of art in the self-improvement area. Sounds extreme right? Sounds like I'm exaggerating? Let me tell you why I'm not exaggerating and this product really is a masterpiece. Let me share with you some deeply personal stories from my life and then I'm going to talk about how this product could have helped me back then and is helping me now. I'm sharing this is because I'm anonymous and I want to help you. Fair warning- this will be a lengthy review.

This product is called Extreme Stamina. It is a program designed for men who have trouble with premature ejaculation. While most of us think of guys with premature ejaculation as being "two pump chumps" or guys who can't last longer than 2 minutes, Jason Julius defines a man as having premature ejaculation if he can not easily and consistently last at least 20 minutes during sex, which is probably about how long you will need to give a woman an orgasm (or multiple orgasms) during sex. It is also designed to give men bigger and better orgasms by strengthening their PC muscles (the muscle that is used to stop the flow of urine). It will also help you to avoid those psychologically scarring moments where you experience erectile dysfunction right when you are about to have sex or are currently in the act of sex. I know of no other program on the market for this issue that is anywhere close to the quality of this program.

First let me just give you a quick background on myself and then I'll get back this product. I used to be a complete loser with women. It took a long time and many painful experiences to become the man I am today who is good with women. I was the ultimate nerd in high school. I never even went to any school dances in middle school or high school because I was so painfully shy. I had not only never had sex, I had not only never kissed a girl, I had never even held a girl's hand. I was so badly socially conditioned that I felt I was hopeless. I escaped into video games to escape the painful reality that became by life. I also had severe facial acne (which was cured my junior year in high school with Accutane) and I was fat (I lost the weight my junior year of high school by going on an intense workout regiment, but I still felt fat and ugly on the inside.) I was sad and hopeless. So after my terrible years in middle school and high school, I entered college a painfully shy 18 year old freshman, a virgin to sex kissing and hand holding. I was the ultimate AFC (average frustrated chump) at this time. It is only with the help of the community that I have became the man I am today, and I still have work to do on myself, but the transformation I've made from those days is truly incredible. Most guys that went through the experiences I've had in life never escape them, and today they're probably still virgins who are wasting their time playing World of Warcraft or some other nerdy video game to escape the painful reality that is their lives. I feel a dept to the community to give back to it what it's given to me. If you are familiar with Real Social Dynamic's Tyler Durden, his personal story before he became the pickup artist he is today is extremely similar to mine. (You can hear his personal story in Real Social Dynamics "Blueprint Decoded" DVDs).

My first semester of college in 2004, I fell in love with a girl (I'll call her Marissa). I did unbelievably embarrassing things like buying her flowers and other gifts because I was so socially clueless and socially conditioned to think that is what girls wanted. She dumped me soon after we had our first sexual experience. Marissa was the girl that I kind of lost my virginity to at the age of 18, and I say kind of because of what happened. One night we were hanging out in the college dorm, she had put on the soundtrack to a movie, and we began to undress each other and have sex. I put on the condom, and I penetrated her for literally 3 seconds, and got so incredibly nervous that I immediately lost my erection. That was it lol. It was humiliating to say the least. So she then went to give me my first ever blowjob, which was by far the worst oral sex I've ever had in my entire life because she kept nicking me with her teeth. So I lost my erection yet again. That was my first sexual experience. I didn't lose my real virginity, having sex until orgasm, until the next semester of college. And for the longest time in my journey to becoming sexual with women, I experienced two problems- Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Particularly it was in 2005 when I experienced severe and repeated problems with erectile dysfunction. Time after time, woman after woman, I repeatedly experienced losing an erection either before or during sex. I can not even explain to you in words how painful this was for me. The looks on these women's faces when I lost my erection haunted me. And each time I experienced this, it only made me even more fearful that I would experience it again the next time. And then when I did experience it again, it just kept getting exponentially worse. Every time I was about to have sex, all I could think in my mind was "I hope I don't lose my erection this time" and it always made me likely to lose my erection with that woman. It made me feel like such a failure of a man. It brought back all these feelings I had in high school of how much of a loser I was, and how there was something deeply wrong inside of me that I would never be able to fix. It was only after I visited my urologist that this began to be cured. He said that he commonly got men my age that visited him experiencing the same problems, and he prescribed all of them Viagra. So he prescribed me Viagra 100mg, and said to split the pill into 4 parts and see which dose worked for me. Eventually I figured out that the 50mg dose worked best for me, so before any anticipated sexual experience, I took 50mg of Viagra and I no longer had the erectile dysfunction problems. The problem was never with my physical body, it was always in my mind. And the urologist told me men my age often experience nervousness related to becoming sexual and when they lost their erections, they then would become much more nervous the next time about losing their erections during sex, and it would become a self fulfilling prophecy that they would lose their erections because they kept telling themselves in their minds "Oh my god I hope I don't lose my erection". It was a catch 22. So if any of you guys have ever experienced this issue, you might want to consider a visit to a urologist and have him prescribe you Viagra or Cialis. It will make you more confident when you do have sexual experiences, and it will stop the negative chatter in your head of "oh my god I hope I don't lose my erection" that causes you to lose your erection in the first place. It will help you to be extremely confident in your ability to achieve a lasting erection, and it will allow you to last longer in bed than you have ever been able to do before. Hopefully you never experience this problem, and if you do, hopefully you never have to use drugs to fix it. Extreme Stamina should help you with the mental techniques required to never experience this problem so you never will need to get a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs. These drugs are extremely expensive, and you have to take them before a sexual experience, and of course sometimes you have sex spontaneously and can't anticipate it. So you have to fix the cause of the problem in your mind, and Jason Julius will help you figure out how to do that.

This is why Jason Julius really spoke to me in his product Extreme Stamina at 8 minutes and 20 seconds on the Module 4 Psychology Part Two video. He talked about why this phenomenon of losing your erection right when you are about to have sex occurs to men (this happened to me so many times in my life), and how to prevent that from happening again. And he talks about how to recover from such an embarrassing moment easily should it ever happen to you in the future. For any guy losing their erection during or before sex is one of the most humiliating moments in any man's life (after all this is partly why there are so many ads for erectile dysfunction drugs, men never want to go through this again once it has happened), it makes you feel like such a pathetic loser it's not even funny, it can actually be psychologically scarring, especially if you are with a new woman who you are having your first sexual experience with. It sure was psychologically scarring to me. And when it happens and you see her face, you can tell that she feels as if you losing your erection means that she isn't attractive to you, when in fact, it probably means that she was so extremely attractive to you that your mind freaked out and you lost your erection. And of course she will feel like you are a loser. If you have never experienced this, consider yourself lucky. If you have, then you know what I'm talking about. The information Jason Julius gives in Extreme Stamina is information I would have killed to have had years ago. If you have not yet seen Extreme Stamina, don't jump right to this part of the video, you need to watch Extreme Stamina from beginning to end to understand it.

Because of my personal story, I've been talking with you a lot about how this product can help you prevent erectile dysfunction. But the main emphasis on this program is on making you last longer in bed, which is another problem I've always had. It used to be that I could only last a few minutes in bed. I got better, but I've never been able to last the 20 to 30 minutes that Jason Julius recommends in order to give a woman an orgasm. Jason Julius talks a lot about how if you can't easily last at least 20 minutes consistently during intercourse, you risk leaving your woman unsatisfied and constantly searching to fulfill her sexual needs outside of the relationship, even if she doesn't admit it or realize it consciously. This program is designed to transform you from a man who cums right when it starts to feel good, into an "ejaculation hero" as Jason Julius refers to it, a man that can last until she has at least one orgasm, and preferably multiple orgasms. It sounds hard to believe that a video program could make such a dramatic transformation, but I really believe this product will do that for me and you.

Jason Julius came up with the concept of the "Ejaculation Control Triad" which I think is a stroke of genius. It covers the 3 areas you need to master to get a control of your ejaculation- Physiology, Psychology, and Threshold Mastery. The information is presented in such a clean and understandable manner. And it is not boring to watch, I had a lot of fun watching this program. It's all presented so well. The graphic intro is well done. He uses graphics and charts extremely well and it really helps you to understand the information he is giving you. He gives you vitally important information about your PC muscle, and how to exercise this muscle correctly, which is vitally important to getting control over when you ejaculate. He says these PC exercises also have the added benefit of making you shoot semen harder and farther, equaling a more powerful orgasm. I've been doing the PC muscle exercises every day as he recommends. Unfortunately I have not yet had sex since I've watched the program, but I have no doubt that when I do, I will be better prepared to last longer than I ever have.

By the way, there is one moment in these videos that is extremely shocking and completely out of left field. If you've seen these videos, you know what I'm talking about. I don't want to tell you what this moment is, or why Jason Julius does it, because that would ruin the surprise for you. It's so creative and so effective at getting across the concept that Jason Julius is talking about at the time. I've never seen anything like that done in a seduction product before and I really thought it was another stroke of genius on his part.

So anyway, you're probably tired of reading this, so I'm sum it up. Just get this product! It will change your life. Jason Julius created amazing programs with his Female Orgasm Blueprint and Female Orgasm Insider, both of which I very highly recommend. I love how all of his programs are in video format. I hate reading long ebooks. Extreme Stamina in my opinion is his masterpiece and will benefit any man who watches it, so check it out! You will not regret it, I promise you that. It's guaranteed to work or your money back so you have nothing to lose.
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