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Superman Stamina
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"Not as promised"

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If I compare the real content in these DVDs with what had been promised by the homepage you buy it from then the discrepancy is enourmous.

The DVDs are advitised as Keni Styles revealing the real truth about how porn stars can have a long erection and that other porn stars come to him to learn his system.

Well, the system is simple: Deep breaths and when you are close to cum'ing, slow down or give oral...That's pretty much it! And if you can't get an erection, well, then don't think about it but rather think about the girl in front of you...

I have some of the other 2GTS DVDs are they are GREAT. Good ideas, very helpful, good instructions etc. but the Superman Stamina doesn't live up to the quality of the other 2GTS DVDs I've bought. Sorry, but thats how it is.

Perhaps I had too high expectations - I don't know - but I didn't learn much from these DVDs that you can't find online for free.

Technically I should have scored "ease of implementation" high since there's little to implement from the DVDs but I chose a low score anyhow.

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