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Female Orgasm Blueprint
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"Outstanding easy to implement program!"

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Outstanding! Watching this program will easily make you a better lover than most guys. Everything is laid out in a simple and easy to understand manner. If you’re an absolute noob when it comes to sex this will be incredible for you and even the advanced guys could learn a few things or at least reinforce what you already know.

It really makes more sense to make sex programs like this in video form so you can see exactly what’s supposed to be done. It could be difficult for some to visualize descriptions from the usual ebook format. If you guys are familiar with David Shade’s material this program has some similar ideas and techniques. If I had to make one criticism about this it would be that the mental aspect isn’t as emphasized as I think it should be. He does a good job addressing it but the female orgasm insider program that he has really goes into that and I think that should have been included in this one. All the techniques in the world are worthless if you can’t properly engage her mind.

Oh an I know dudes like to write glowing reviews on products when they haven’t even really implemented them in real life so let me make it clear that I've personally done many of the things discussed in this program and they WILL work. Your girl WILL have incredible orgasms and she’ll love you for it. Overall this is a great program, a must buy.
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Written by Wynnebag
June 02, 2015
Good review overall, but how do you know other guys haven't done the things they write glowing reviews about? That comment took the intelligence of your review down just a bit, but a very good review otherwise.
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