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Adonis Golden Ratio
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"Overall Good, but a Lot of Fluff"

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I like this product a lot, but sometimes it feels like searching for a needle in a haystack to get the most important information. It was well worth the price. I feel sore in places I didn't before. It's hard for me to feel sore, so these exercises really seem to work well. I'm also able to do more weights with my weaker muscles than ever before. I'm pretty skinny so upper body has always been a challenge. This has been good for that.

My big complaint is I feel like there's a lot of fluff you have to push through to get to the substance. I felt like a lot of what's in their main manual could have been said in 20 pages. A lot of it was repeated points over and over. I feel like 20% of what they say is really to the point and the rest is repetition, baseless, common knowledge, or throwing around big terms (like psychologically, physiologically, sociologically blah blah) as filler. I understand that it's nice to have 115 pages when you sell a product instead of 20, but I'm the type of person that resents filler and would rather pay the same price to get less pages if those pages are valuable and don't waste my time. I like paying for the value of information that I'm getting, even if it's contained in less pages. If I get the high value info I need that works, I've learned not to worry about how many pages it took to get that info to me.

Also, I had basic questions that I had to search through the documents, podcasts, e-mails for that was really annoying. For instance, how many days per week should I work out? Should I skip a day in between workouts to give my muscles time to rebuild? It pisses me off that I have to wade through repeated garbage and fluff to find answers to basic questions like this in beginning my program.

However, it is the best workout program I've ever done (I've prolly only done like 3 or 4) and I like the workouts I'm doing. I recommend it, but just know a lot of the "content" is (to me) marketing b.s. (their "newsletters") or repeating the same stuff and I resent that I have to go through that.
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