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"Inacceptable customer "service""

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The following text is a copy of an email I sent to Angel Donovan:

Hi Angel,

As far as the experience with Swinggcat is concerned I unfortunately have to report to you that Swinggcat is disingenuous in the treatment of his customers, for several reasons (this also summarizes my experience with Swinggcat; I have left out a few less important details, so you can capture the gist of the story quickly.):

1.Swinggcat secretly tries to sell a subcription to regular series of field reports, titled "Secret from the field". The contract clause is hidden in the terms and conditions, which are inappropriately displayed in a scrollbox that is way to small. Unless the customer intentionally scrolls down the entire text and reads all of the details, he unknowingly subcribes.

2.The subscription is automatic and has to be cancelled by the customer.

3.Even though I did cancel, Swinggcat nonetheless charged my credit card illegally AND DID NOT RESPOND to my first email.

4.Swinggcat only reacted AFTER I contacted my credit card company, to block my card and to reclaim to charges. AT THIS POINT I received an automatic email which informed me, that ANOTHER attempt to charge my card had failed. Only when I replied directly to this email, did I get an answer. And even then Swinggcat kept a tone, that seemed to me as he didn't really care about the issue. ONLY when I clearly voiced my anger about his customer service, did he apologize. He then also offered me one of his audio courses for FREE (his emphasis, not mine) as a compensation for my troubles.

5.I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THE PROMISED AUDIO COURSE, AND SWINGGCAT ONCE AGAIN DOES NOT RESPOND TO MY EMAILS, even though I have made it that will inform you, his competitors, as well as the legal authorities on the matter. This brings me to the conclusion that Swinggcat has no problem with customer service, BUT with business ethics and the law.

This kind of behavior is absolutely inacceptable to me, and I have never encountered any treatment like this with any other Dating Skills Company (and I have tried several to find something that fits my needs). In sum I can only recommend to other potential customers to refrain from buying at RWS and to look somewhere else.

Therefore I suggest that you reconsider a recommendation for his ebook, as you potentially harm the financial interests of those who use your website to find good products. Because that mars your otherwise excellent website, which has a been of great help to me.

Yours truly,
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