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She's Six Steps Away
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A review in the form of an email I sent to Eric upon completing the book:


Hey Eric,

Hope you're good and everything is going well with the release of your book. I just finished it... it's really something to be proud of!

My comments should be filtered by the acknowledgement that I haven't tried to put your system into action. I really want to. I tell myself that I will... but I'm still making excuses. I feel close though.

I think you've created something brilliantly designed for a certain type of personality -- and I feel that's why I respond so well to it. It's almost impossible to describe to a 'natural' what it feels like to be shy or inhibited around women. To them it sounds stupid. See girl --> get girl. Over time you come to feel stupid for it... asking yourself how you ended up this way. Who's fault is it? You grow bitter and resentful of women. It's a painful cycle that just feeds itself until you decide to do something about it.

I highlighted tons of lines that resonated with me. I outlined a good amount of things that seemed right out of my own head... including some things I don't think I'd ever formed into full thoughts. (I did this in the PDF so let me know if you want to see it)

The biggest insight for me was the notion of your body acting on its own behalf -- and generally contrary to what you really want. I know very well what this feels like -- locking up in front of a beautiful woman who shows you just the slightest bit of attention. The idea that I might be able to 'train' my body to overcome this, through gradual conditioning, is revolutionary (for me).

I also really like that your whole system can exist independent of all the misogyny present in the community. I read blogs like Roosh's, VK... and while there's clearly a lot of wisdom there, I can't see how all that hatred is realistic in the long run. You never make the woman out to be an object... instead allowing them to be the real, complex, human beings that they are.

But I think the most important line of the whole book is this one (as you noted):

Shifting your thinking from constantly evaluating what you did wrong to what you did right is one of the most important aspects of improving socially. p.161

I could go on and on, but I feel like that may not be the best kind of feedback. I wish I could say I'd gone through the steps. The thought of step 3 gives me the spooks, but 1 and 2 seem manageable. I'm very excited to try it out... and I'm sure each chapter will display its true value as I progress through it.

It's tough -- you just want someone to come and solve all your problems for you but deep down you know that you have to do it yourself. Of all the books, blogs, and videos I've seen, your book comes the closest to bridging that gap.

Thanks so much for creating and sharing this!

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