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Closing (Janka Method)
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"Concise and Practical Advice (A Good Bonus)"

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The Good
Good for revision of the most important aspects of closing, effective advice, some simple but very useful innovations (e.g. 'I' vs. 'L' girls)
The Bad
Very short (13 pages), mostly not very innovative content
The Bottom Line
This is a good little accompanying eBook to the main Attraction Formula program. It has some very clear and solid advice on closing the deal - there is power in its brevity - it will keep you focused on the most important things.


This is a short 13 page ebook that you get with the main Attraction Formula program. It's to be used as an add on to revise and study in a bit more detail the steps to "close the deal" and have sex with a girl.

Janka makes it clear from the start of this book that he is going to talk in a very clear manner and tell you like it is. He definitely doesn't dress anything up - or avoid any uncomfortable issues. This is typical of Janka and it makes his tips here all the more valuable - as there is a lot of advice on the touchy area of 'sex' and escalating on a woman that is diluted down out there - and thus a lot less closer to reality.

In total in this ebook there are around 10 bits of clear advice. That's it. So it's pretty short. It doesn't cover every situation, but it does hit the most important points: where you should escalate, how to get her there, how to set things up ideally and how to physically escalate.

Most of the advice is pretty common now, and if you are well read up on the latest dating advice there won't be too many surprises. The two areas where there is more innovative content that is useful are: "i" and "L" girls and how you can make the final close a lot easier and smoother, how to get a girl to leave your apartment after sex without drama (if you don't want her sleeping over).

For men who are new to dating advice I like this little book because it focuses on the top few things you need to control to get the end result (it's like the 80/20 of closing). This is a lot more effective than giving a beginner a long list of things to remember which just overwhelm him and cause him to overanalyze everything - when the truth is, closing is mostly about Acting while avoiding a few big mistakes. As a result, this is a good primer to read up on before you go out on a date.

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