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Though this program seems to target the younger dating crowd I found it versatile enough and I think it could be easily applied to a wide variety of dating situations. The cost of the program is minimal and actually pays for itself once you have learned to stop needlessly wasting money on dates. I have purchased other similar dating materials on line and I have been able to use many of the different ideas and concepts from all of these collectively to drastically tighten my inner game and I have definitely improved my situation far more than I had expected. The concepts are straight forward and to the point, admittedly in the beginning I kept putting the materials down and saying to myself, "I cant do this, its not for me, its too overwhelming", etc. but the more I grew tired of moping around and feeling like an angry douche bag, outsider, I kept going back and reading over the material and finally it started to soak in. Probably the most valuable part of this program is learning "what NOT to do" and once you have a handle on that concept you are able to reflect back on a date constructively, identify what you could have done differently, and finally begin to learn from your mistakes. You then begin to build new confidence which brings the other concepts into focus and then it all begins to feel natural. I am 49 years old, twice divorced, and live in a small town with very few options, where everybody knows everyone else's business, and with my two ex wives living in the same small town! My situation seemed hopeless. Last night I had an amazing date with a very expensive, successful, thin, very attractive, ranch owner girl, divorcee, who I have been patiently gaming for many months, (while dating several other women on the side of course), we talked for hours and she told me about all the bozos who send her flowers and loser text messages to her phone on a daily basis. She wasn't trashing these guys, she just kept telling me what really nice guys and how sweet they are but how she isn't really interested in dating any of them for some reason that even she doesn't know. I have not spent a dime on her and she picked up the check last night for pizza and beer, we went back to her place, she stuck her tongue down my throat and after a half hour of romping on the couch, it was off to her bedroom. This program works if you take the time to learn and use the concepts. Go for it, just stay away from my town once you do.
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