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There's another product, David DeAngelo's Meeting Women Online, in which
DeAngelo reads some real profiles of men, and points out where they went horribly wrong... to the laughter of the seminar audience.

David M.'s profile is almost as bland/pisspoor as the ones DeAngelo chose to exhibit in his "Horrible Profile's" section.

I hate to mention this, but any success David M. has achieved could easily be attributed to the combination of his looks and massive action--not technique (he's an inch shy of 6 feet tall, has deep blue eyes, is not overweight, has all his hair, and dresses well).

This is a message that David M. took 10 minutes to type, after NOT reading her profile. The message LOOKS almost like it's a scammer or bot or phishing message (partly because of the misspellings. Notice that it's about 90% desperate, average chump, and 10% David Deangelo or standard PUA lines---there's nothing funny in it though he overtly tells her he's funny. That's TEXTBOOK AFC. There's the "you must get 500 messages" joke, but she gets that non-joke in her inbox every day from desperate, insecure guys).

Here is David M. crafting his first message to a woman (grammar and spelling intact)...

Here's his message:


There was something about your profile that caught my attention, i'm not sure what it was but i'd like to find out.

I'm willing to be you a donut that you're getting about 500 emails a day from 75 year old men offering to be your sugar daddy....

i'm not one to talk about myself, but i'll say this: i'm 30, attractive, and artist, and i'm funny....really funny. so be ready.

Worst case? you eem like you might make a cool friend, so let's get together for a drink or coffee.....

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Written by vernon
March 01, 2014
Here's the secret: Women message men who have a handsome photo of them self
Up. If your stats like height age hobbies make a good fit then you will get
Messages from women from time to time. Truth the hotter your photo the better
your chances are at getting a women you find pretty attractive to contact you.
Most women don't like initiating so make your profile easy for her to comment you
Besides your pic for example I love huskies, or summer time great time for the
beach, or I love dancing every weekend. Always ask for the number early and try
to get her on the phone. It'll get you a date much easier and way quicker.
In reply to an earlier comment

Written by Brainbuster
August 05, 2016
Absolutely true, it's best to get the number within 4 messages back and fourth.
I used to draw it out WAY TOO LONG, chatting over the dating site for days and weeks--even to the point where some of the girls had fallen in love with me even before we exchanged numbers.

Not any more.
These days, I send one message, get a reply, send another, get a reply,
and usually ask for the # on my 3rd message to her.

There are actually a few reasons for this.
1. Think of it like a venue change. When you're now texting, you're no longer the guy from the online dating site.
2. It's escalation, and MANY girls have complained to me about other guys never escalating (obviously they don't use that word, but they say that the guys just write back and forth and don't ask her out soon enough). A small percentage of girls may be hesitant, but it's definitely worth it--you'll see what I mean when you get a girl coming over to your place and fucking you after almost no game, just escalating. I remember the FIRST time I made the decision to ask for the number on my 3rd message to her. It was a hot girl, hotter than I was used to. She gave me her number cheerfully. That evening she drove 20 minutes to the Starbucks 4 minutes from my place. After 10 or so minutes there, we drove to my place and fucked. From then on, I was convinced that this is the most efficient method.
3. Now you can send her c_ck shots. This has (usually) worked well for me, and sometimes even turned around a red light into a solid green light, and you can't do it if you're still on the dating site.

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