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"Deceptive Marketing Tecniques"

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The author of these techniques seems to ramble on and on without getting to the punchline. You might call his approach snake-oil in a book. There is just too much filler(ramblings) and vagueness and things I have heard before to make this book interesting reading. If the author would have said in his pitch line that he has a technoique that is a hundrde percent guaranteed to work but it takes hard work he would probably be out of business but that is exactly what he is doing in this book after you plunk down your $70. It's almost like those quit-smoking techniques, allot of advice but none of it can work without any will power and hard work. To be fair I have just skimmed through the book and maybe the next rainy day I will sit down and read it but I think I have read enough to know where this is going which is nowhere.
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