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She's Six Steps Away
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"Great product for guys who can't start conversations with women from someone who isn't a natural."

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It’s refreshing to read a dating book from someone who’s gone through social anxiety like I have and know how terrifying it can be to approach women you don’t know before. Eric Disco breaks down the process of approaching women into manageable steps instead of saying just follow the three second rule and you’ll be okay. I also like how the openers from the book are similar to normal everyday conversations you have with people all the time and don’t feel awkward to say. This book has a lot of applicable information you can use and clear directions about how to implement what you read into real life.

I think Disco really tackled this issue head on and provided a great resource for guys who can’t even do one approach and aren’t having any luck with the more advanced dating products out there. Finally, I think the audio interactions and interviews included with the book are excellent bonuses and well worth the price.

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