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"dissapointing 'masterpiece' from the day game masters "

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sorry, but i cant agree with the over the top accolades for this product.
first let me put it straight - is an awesome company with a great set of instructors who truly know their stuff. however this product is lame for a number of reasons:
1) Andy's uninspiring presentation. Andy Yosha guy comes over like a wet blanket. He is boring, scatty and doesnt convince. stick to designing the cover and give Yad more time please
2) over engineering.. making a simple thing (street pickup) over complicated with stupid names like "attraction snap" "capture phase" ridiculous
3) constant boring self indulgent questions from audience members. now of course its ok to give the mike to audience, but the same guys answer obviously stupid / irrelevent questoins time and time again. this comes across as self indulgent. and did we really need to see the instructors assesement of their guys performance in the field? sorry guys, but who cares? better editing would have made this product more snappy.

so to summarise - forget this product. its a waste of time. save some more pennies and go and do a bootcamp with them instead
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Written by Brainbuster
May 23, 2013
"Save some more pennies and go do a bootcamp?" Lol...that's a lot more pennies.

Did you notice the random way they blurred the women's faces? Sometimes you'd see minutes of a clear shot of a woman, then in the next clip they blurred her face.
Written by Brainbuster
October 05, 2014
I agree with you about the complicated, pseudo-scientific names.

The old pickup principle of "rooting the opener," or "pacing" becomes "PREHISTORY."
WTF is pre-history? Sounds redundant. Do they mean 'history'?

I get the feeling that they're just repackaging well-known pickup principles,
slapping on fancy, try-hard, names for them,
then claiming that Yad invented all this pickup stuff through trial and error.
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