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The 4 Elements of Game
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This is the best book that I have read.

I have read: Double your dating, magic bullets, the tao of badass, alpha male audiobooks and paul janka's attraction formula. Believe me... these books are very good, don't get me wrong, but the four elements is a book which lets you pickup natural way. (not like a pickup robot, which by the way sucks).

But I can tell you this. Discard all books and future reading. Just buy this one and grow some balls man. There are NO BOOKS that will talk to women by themselves, you have to do the talking. I can tell you this one makes you believe in yourself but the final step has to be done by you.

Summary: recommend this one and then watch "the keys to VIP" tv show... it lets you see what you read being done right or wrong with actual girls.

Enjoy mates

P.S. You dont know how much time to live you have, start enjoying now without giving a fuck.
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