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Superman Stamina
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I used to be a man who thought that he was pleasing his partner. We had sex on a regular basis and I was able to bring my partner to orgasm. Then one day my world came crumbling down when I caught her having an affair with another man. After working through and trying to understand what happened, I caught her again having an affair with the same guy. That's when I started to look into what else I needed to do to keep her from wondering away. Why try, why not leave? Well, the truth be told I love this woman more than words can express and despite everything I can't or don't want to imagine my life without her.

When I read about 2 girls teach sex I decided to give it a try. You see I finally admitted to myself that I obviously wasn't doing enough in bed, that I wasn't satisfying her. And admitted as well that I wasn't lasting long enough to really rock her world. The advice in 2 girls teach sex changed my world forever. I took on board the advice to spend more time in foreplay an give her at least one or two orgasms before I even looked to fuck her. I really started to enjoy foreplay and it took a lot of pressure of my performance because once she came the first and second time, then when I started to fuck her, she didn't know what to do with herself! She actually started initiating sex instead of me always having to work for it. She loves the advance missionary position and actually asked me one day if I took something to make my dick bigger. Every now and again I go over the videos to refresh my mind on the techniques and change things up. 2GTS rocks and now I'm rocking my partner's world like never before, like I should been from the start, like she deserves to have it rocked!!

The superman stamina took time to really get into and I'm still working on it but I used to do crap like count backwards and think of foolishness but now just letting her do more of the work, breathing, OMG who would have thought that breathing could make such a fucking difference?!! I understand and can gage my level of excitement now and back down when things get to close to the edge by going down on her, she never complains about that and I am loving being able to make her come on my dick without blowing my load. Instead I'm there waiting an ready to fuck her again to the next orgasm and I'm just loving it!!!

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