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2 Girls Teach Sex
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"Making Life Better, Two Lives At A Time"

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Are you kidding me? Here's my feedback for you, lovely Shawna dear.

I turned 65 years old this week and, you won't believe this, but us wrinkly old guys are still only 21 on the inside.

Can I say I kept my hair, my youthful springy step, and active interest in sex? I've always tuned into my partner's pleasure. The only thing is, divorce is rough. I was determined to make a better closer relationship if I had another chance. When 2GTS first bounced across my internet, after the divorce, there was reason to believe my equipment had stopped working and wouldn't be back. Now I know I can deliver the sexual experience every woman still wants if ever she had a good one. It's a confidence and inner peace that makes me feel fulfilled. Women sense it and come on to me every week- and with my sweet girlfriend, seldom am I out available for women to give me their attraction.

The original 2 Girls Teach Sex is the foundation that can't be skipped, guys. Learn what women want in bed and give it to them. Listen to Bobby: you have to extend the kissing and believe long foreplay is essential sex that you never want to skip. How do you talk to her during sex? Hey, Shawna and 2 Girls teach us how. Receive the plan and follow it. I learned we have to last at least 15 minutes for her to come, and from there it was easy for me to go 45 minutes and longer. Now I go as long as she wants and as much longer as I decide to take it. 2GTS taught me how to escalate orgasms. Give her an emotional variety of orgasms all stacked together, connected to the big finish.

My new girlfriend is sweet and always ready to help with any part of life. She's gorgeous, platinum white hair, striking figure, tiny waist and long legs. She says anticipation makes her hands shake when she shaves her pussy for me. Said nobody ever kissed her down there like me. Then I put her in whatever position I like and she eagerly shifts herself as I stroke in slow and long, then into the G-spot, then the deep spot, then the very deep end and then back deep while she squirts and gushes and begs me to come in her now. She's a happy girl. Always glad to have her at home and out in public and with my family. All of my happy success is owed to Two Girls Teach Sex.

I've gotten all the 2GTS series and every one the gals have made is a gem. I watch and study and listen every week. Always a new insight and a new pleasurable position to surprise my baby. Bobby and Marcus and Keni teach valuable stuff! Shawna and every girl coach is so pretty, sweet and real- they truly want to help us men love them better. Loving them better is so good for the soul. Life is smiles.

Every Two Girls Teach Sex series is worth it, they make life life better, two lives at a time. A true public service.
Thank you, 2GTS,
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