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2 Girls Teach Sex
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"2GTS gives you a girls point of view on how to please her..."

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Guys want to please their woman, but just don't know how.

In a fun, private learning environment, Shawna and her team show you how to do just that. Woman are tired of two pump chumps, and dont even know how to please a woman. Im not saying that you are going to be a total stud where woman will want you all the time, but I will say that the techniques here are an amazing way to change up the "normal" routine that woman are tired of.

Personal experience, I enjoyed various of Shawna's programs, but the 2GTS is one of my favorites, because, as a man, I want to please my woman, and my girl, Jenn, can atest that what Shawna and her girls as well as the other invited guests she has on this program is completely true. After 16 years of marriage, we were falling out of love with each other, and though we had sex, it wasnt the same. Shawna's programs helped us Rekindle that something special we had when we were first together, and it's all because of Shawna's videos in 2GTS.

The Good - The information provided is Spot on!~ The vivid examples, live demonstrations from a girls point of view are easy to understand and easy to follow. Lets face it, Guys will jack off to just about any girl that shows her tits, and sais oh baby, come here... But it takes a real guy to want to learn to please his woman, and these videos in a fun way do just that. Besides, Shawna offers a no BS money back garantee that, even after you review the videos, if you dont like them, you can send them back.

The Bad - OK, it's not bad, just annoying sometimes... the program is called 2GTS, so when there's a guy in the video, real downer... The info is great, but we got these movies to be masterful lovers from a womans point of view... I dont want to hear what a guy is saying because Im a guy! I want to please a girl, and ai have Shawna and her lovely ladies to get right into the information.

There are also alot of DVD's, that if the program was a little better put together, you could get more information on less DVD's, However, I think this is a great tool to have just 2 or 3 lessons per CD, because you dont want to get too involved in the video without trying the info out on your girl.

No Brainer, Shawna's 2GTS is a program that I would recommend to ANY Guy or couple that wants to make his special woman HIS Special Woman, and Shawna is just the girl to make that happen with her programs.

Love you Shawna, and thanks for making these videos, Jenn and I are Really greatful for your time and effort put into this program!~ Looking forward to exploring more ways to have fun with sex with your other programs~

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