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Squirting Orgasm Mastery - How To Give Your Girl The Ultimate Orgasm
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"very solid techniques that are easy to use"

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I bought squirting mastery after seeing an ad for it while I was checking out a vid on a porn tube.

The best thing about the program is definitely the technique and how they presented it. It is obvious that Marcus London the instructor is OBSESSED with squirting. He says he has made thousands of women squirt and I actually do believe him.

I thought it was cool how they lined up 5 girls and he made them all squirt using the exact same technique. yes, some girls do squirt more than others, and some enjoy it more than others, but marcus is right that EVERY girl can squirt. I liked that "squirting challenge."

The seminar in the program is real solid. Marcus explains the exact spots to touch and all the science related to the vagina. He is very passionate about it lol. you gotta respect that!

For me when I put it into play I made my girls squirt the first night I tired it. It wasn't the first second I tried it, I did have to "dig around" to hit the right spot to make her squirt but I knew the sound and feeling to look for since Marcus tells you and you can hear it when he does it. (its a certain squishy sound right before she gushes that tells you you are on the right track) My girl definetly enjoyed it since no one had ever done it to her before but I think it will be best combined with a good solid fucking after so she can get the full experience of the squirt o and a deep dicking. (although it did make her cum really strong and easily when I penetrated her after..far hard than usual)

I saw in a review I read that someone trashed the packaging but I think they do that on purpose so that its totally discreet. I don't really care about packaging for me anyway, just the techniques so since the dvds arrived fast and discretly that was good enough for me.

Overall, the video is going to win an academy award for production values or anything but the technique is super solid, marcus is the master, sincere it what he does, and FOR ME it for sure was worth $97 to produce a squirting orgasm. all i cared about is the result.

anyway, good luck I hope this helps you and best of luck in your quest to be better in the bedroom

Aaron C.

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