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"Works with sacrifice"

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I have been a customer of the Modern Man for some years now. Though the Flow is not the only product I've purchased from the Modern Man, I'll give an honest review of just this ebook.

I've read through it twice now and have found the methods behind it to be highly effective. Anyone who already has that confidence to approach women will benefit greatly from this book and get all the attractions and attention you could ask for.

One con (from my own experience and personality) is that without a little bit of confidence or daring already in you, there may be difficulty convincing yourself to overcome the hardest step of the Flow, approaching a woman. The one problem with this ebook is that it doesn't necessarily help you overcome anxiety, it is sort of assumed you can build it over time after using the Flow. Testimonials have proven this to be true and I wish I had the same success as all of them. Nerves may inhibit you from taking that vital step forward, depending on who you are. To this day, nerves and reluctance still takes its toll on me and I have been unable to use the Flow on anyone except any well known friends of mine who are girls. If you've got courage and some experience in approaching a woman, this ebook IS for you!
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