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She's Six Steps Away
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"An absolute must read for anyone looking to meet new people! "

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I read this book last night and I think it is an absolute master-piece! In fact, I’d honeslty go as far saying it is the best book on dating/seduction that I have ever read.

I spent 4 years in the seduction community and during that period, I read most of the books/e-books in the field of seduction. I have attended numerous seminars and I have met and worked with lots of seduction experts. Most important of all, though, I spent hours every week on the streets, in coffee shops, in supermarkets etc approaching and starting conversations with women. So I know a lot about the challenges and obstacles that guys face in this mission.

This book is so good because it breaks down the whole process from absolute beginner to a guy who is comfortable meeting and talking to strangers, and it does it in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

At each stage of the process, it describes exactly what the guy needs do, and how to do it. Eric has also explained why the step is necessary. Best of all, he gives real-life examples of interactions. If that wasn’t enough, he even gives material in the form of suggested questions and statements so the guy doesn’t even need to think up what to say! Genius!! No guy who has this book has any excuse to fail!

When I read this book, it showed me what I had been doing wrong when I was approaching women, and how I could have improved my results. I think if I had read this book 5 years ago, I would have had a lot more success than I did have.

The structure of the book is also really good. Eric tackles each issue (e.g., approach anxiety, direct game etc) at the exact right time.

All in all though, I think Eric has written an amazing book. There will be many people in the future who owe their lives (literally) to Eric, because his book will have given their dad the encouragement and skills to be able to approach their mum and get a date!!!

Thank you Eric!
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