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Mr. Currie THANK YOU,THANK YOU,......... a book that should be reqiured reading for all guys. Mr. Currie's later books are more detailed but needs more description on how to impliment his style of approaching. He does state that you must develope your own style, but the vast majority of guys have been brainwashed by Madison Ave. and social programing that they need training wheels to calibrate their style. The reason for reading the book was that woman where Mode One with me and I thought they were cock teasing and I failed to follow thought :( No more mode two timid for me the woman are in for a surprise! Thanks Again Mr. Currie
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Written by Boston Hotshot
July 09, 2012
even if you think that Alan's book has some drawbacks, don't you still think that a rating of 5.2 is a bit too strict considering the fact that you are thanking him million times in your review? You don't have to give it a 9 or 10 but in my personal opinion reading your review and the fact that you think every man should read this, it should get at least 7.
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