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The Tao of Badass
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"Amazing program that breaks it down to psychology and proper body language. Would HIGHLY recommend!"

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I believe the TAO of Badass is one of the best "dating skills" type of products I've come across (granted, I haven't tried many yet, but still). I am a huge fan of the way Joshua Pellicer teaches this stuff. He basically breaks it all down to psychology and body language. Not the odd opinion openers and "routines" that other PUA's teach. He gives you a great overview of the proper stages of interacting with women from the Introduction, to Attraction, Rapport, Seduction and ultimately to Relationship Balance. I really like his down to earth approach on this subject. It's quite easy to understand, even though you might need to go through "The System" a few times to fully understand it if you're new to this stuff.

One thing I believe needs a little work in regards to the product itself is the website to access all the content. It isn't the best design and I've noticed a lot of people get confused as to where everything is. It is, however, a BETA site so I know it's being worked on. I've also heard a lot of people say they aren't able to access the products right away, which is a shame. But the Customer Service Support is usually very good at granting them access to their products as soon as they've been notified.

Overall, I believe this product is great for beginner and intermediate skill levels with picking up women. The 5-week Body Language Master Course included in the product is simply amazing. That video course alone is worth the price, IMHO. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone starting out on the journey to becoming a better/more confident man, and of course becoming better with women and having control over your love/sex life. Whether you're looking to get one night stands consistently, girlfriend(s) or ultimately looking for the love of your life. Worth every penny in my opinion.
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