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The Tao of Badass
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"Lots of good quality specific advice in free videos and audio"

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One the best systems I have seen in almost 7 years.

Lots of good quality specific advice in free videos and audio.

IMPORTANT: Very annoying initial web process for the purchase. When you first log on to the site there is no obvious link to get the ebook and free content. Log out -> Log in, click on "home" in the top left menu -> click on the big image on the top right that says "your ebook and free content". The unhelpful landing pages makes the first time visitors think they have been coned out of their money, but intact it is just bad web design! :-)

I have only skimmed the ebook. It was a bit thin on detail. However the real meat is in the FREE extra content.

Check out the Free content, especialy the 5 Week Body language mastery. This is the real meat of the system along with other free audio and video on the site it covers the content of the ebook and in much more depth.

I suspect that the reason the ebook is not as good is because of the volume of information. The 5 Week Body language mastery + 1hr 30min Tonality bonus is almost 9 hours of free video content. Add in the extra audio and video on the site the limitations of the ebook are obvious.

I believe the 5 Week Body language mastery course and the ebook combined provide one of the best and easiest systems out there. But if you are too lazy to watch this content then you have probbly wasted your money and a lot of your life because the content is dynamite.

Having said all that I have read many systems over the last 7 years, starting with Ross Jefries the grand father of the movement + studied NLP. As with anything in life if you just buy and use this system it will help you a great deal, however there is no substitute for studying and practicing many systems.

Even with the large amount of free information and links + audio to other systems there is no substitute to having a breadth of knowledge.

By the way I don't agree with the other reviewer that this content is not good for one night stands. Yes, the whole package is not designed around one night stands because of the authors personal philosophy (something I agree with), however if you already have a system for one night stands and you apply the body language info you can generate amazing levels of attraction.

So in conclusion I am very happy with the product. It is some of the best I have seen in years.

In fact so far I only have one complaint about the site. Too much OVER SELLING!!! Sales video and process that keeps on trying to sell me the product. You had me at hello! Stop it already!!! I knew enough, to know the content would be great from the first few examples in the sales video, but it just went on .... And on ... And on...

I started to think the whole thing was a con, and the false time constraints ... Oh this is the last chance then it won't be available ... Who are you kidding! ... If you don't sell it to me when I want in a few months some one else will ... adopt .. Adapt ... Improve it.

The stupid over selling was so annoying that I have not bought another product from the author that I very much wanted to buy after the first 20seconds of the sales video ... but after 20 minute of watching the over selling I became fed up and refused to buy the other product I want.
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