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"Become the REAL YOU"

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I dislike people who lie. Not only to other people, but also to themselves. I always looked at guys who wanted to sleep with a girl for some days or weeks pretending that they wanted to be their next "boyfriend", until she get in their bed. And after that they broke up with the girl and she will become an angry woman who dispised men. To me, lying was the worst thing a men can do. But I kept reading all this "indirect" methods of seduction that essentialy say: "YOU HAVE TO LIE TO A WOMAN IN ORDER TO GET HER INTO YOUR BED, AND AFTER YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT DITCH HER!!"

I was having an internal fight between my values and principles, and the suppoused effectiveness of lying methods. Until I read Mode One. Mode One is completely different. This book is about HONESTY, and doesn´t have even a bit of lies or manipulation. It will help you realize what you are lacking in your behaviour towards women. Each chapter is a guide to the core of what makes your behaviour WEAK and INEFFECTIVE. It will provide you with ways to overcome YOUR FEARS. To become BOLD, to become STRAIGHTFORWARD. To become a true MAN. The kind of man who doesn´t need to lie to get what he wants in the way he wants it.

It is not an OVERNIGHT seduction magic book. If you are searching for that, go buy a PICK UP guru merchandise. If you are TIRED of all the lies and manipulation, tired of lying to yourself and tired of wasting TIME and MONEY on WOMEN, doing things that you REALLY don´t want to do... THEN THIS IS THE BOOK YOU NEED.

There is an old saying that to attract a woman you just need to be yourself. Mode One teaches you how to be your REAL self.
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