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"Damn...What a wake up call."

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As many have said, "Mode One is the Bible on being direct."

It's incredible how such simple concepts can seem so foreign. The idea of "Just telling Women what you're really thinking" almost seemed impossible to me; not because doing so was immoral or because I was afraid to, but because a lifetime of socialization had told me that doing the opposite would be more "appropriate".

Like many men who were raised in a middle-class Christian family, I was trained to be a liar when it came to women. "Pleasantly Phony" was my middle name. Looking back, I can't believe how afraid I was of conflict and disapproval. All of my decisions were based on how I felt others would perceive or judge me.

I've come to see that there's nothing wrong with telling a woman exactly what's on your mind. The beauty of the Mode One philosophy is that it corrects your way of thinking, rather than introducing you to the newest, most "psychologically proven" techniques, routines or gimmicks. When you have the correct mindset, your words are there to express your intent. You don't have to think about what to say beforehand, and you can choose to express yourself in whatever way feels right. If you're going out and saying exactly what Alan does in the book, and you don't feel comfortable doing so, then you've probably missed the entire point.

What can I say? When I see a woman that I'd like to have sex with, I go and tell her. I get rejected 80% of the time, but the rejections are short and sweet. As for the other 20%... I think you know where I'm going with this ;)

Mooooooooooooooddddddee Oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnne!!!!

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Written by Brainbuster
June 26, 2013
How in the blazes do you tell a stranger you want to have sex with her?
Please tell me an example of the words you use.
Do you say, "I'd love to fuck you and taste your pussy."
Or more like, "You look sexy and I want to make love with you."
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Written by masterofdolls
May 18, 2014
well if you want a better idea of how to do it, buy alan's other book, ooooo say it again..

but as a general rule, do what suits your personality... "i want to have sex with you in the future... how about next friday or saturday" and thats it... no matter what she says just keep saying "sooo, next friday or saturday?"
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