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"Best book on Dating Out There"

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The Mode One method is not an easy one to get your head round, neither is it easy to implement. But it is effective and it is the right way to do things. The next time a girl flakes on you and you don't know why. Or the next time a girl pisses you off think of this book.

With the Mode One method you put your intentions out front and yes, you get rejected, but getting rejected up front hurts a lot less than getting rejected after weeks of 'wining and dining.'

If you're fed up of women having the power, if you're fed up of not being honest or not saying what you really think then this is the book for you.

While other books teach you to respond to a woman's cues and look for what she wants, Alan teaches you to be a man and go for what you want. And what he teaches means that you'll actually get it as well.
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