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2 Girls Teach Sex
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"6 DVD Version is solid"

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The 6 program version with the demos is great. I'm pretty sure it's the one that cost $97 as that's the one I got. It is also now streaming online with the DVDs at an option for $10 more. I've never seen the 3 DVD version offered. Not sure where the reviewer got it..

But anyway, when I got it I was a little concerned about my performance with this new girl I wanted to bang and this program extremely overly claimed it would "turn me into a sex god".. So I figured if I could be a 10th of what it claimed it be worth it.. haha..

The demos in the DVDs are great and the seminar explains the principles quite well. I didn't fully go through and "abdorb" it like some of the folks here.. I just watch it through once to get an idea of the techniques and how to use them.

And.. it worked out quite well.. I can now definitely say, when I get with a girl, I'm 100% confident I know what I'm doing and also why I'm doing it.

For $97 it is a little steep, but once I had the opportunity to use these techniques, the price seemed extremely insignificant compared to being insecure with a new girl.

Would I recommend this? Of course. I would recommend this to any guy who want's to be "great" in bed.. As far as the being "the best" in bed? Well maybe the reviewer is right that the program without the demos and the girls is better for that. Though for me, this was perfect.
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