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The Tao of Badass
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Concepts lack explanation and applicability. He uses a lot of metaphors that don't mean anything to a new reader. I just found myself asking hundreds of questions after reading the book, which may have been his intent to promote his other products (do not buy these -- after i finished paying for lifetime service he stopped providing it!). Overall innovative but pseudoscience usually is. Basically a bite-off of love systems' magic bullets, but lacks the depth of the latter to a great degree.
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Written by Rocky
July 03, 2012
Hi Art;
I must disagree with you. I know the book is not the whole story. The rest of the story is found in different places on the site. The book is mostly an outline with a few examples of specifics. All the other specifics are found in the myriad videos and other bonuses included. Joshua has a few products for sale - yes. I would recommend them all, but getting just the Ebook and the free bonuses that come with it one must invest the proper amount of time to become proficient at attracting women.

It is an education just like any other education. The main difference is that when a guy buys his book that guy comes from a lifelong indoctrination of societal beliefs. Those beliefs are messed up and one is forced to "rewire" their mind to the new ways of thinking. It takes time and effort to achieve. Those who are seeking a magic pill will not be pleased with the product. Those who realize that anything in life worth doing takes effort will be ecstatic.
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Written by rogue
September 01, 2012
Hi Rocky
True good education is not free most of the time. But the Bait,Switch,Ignor,Stop information on products is either poorly run business or a SCAM. Josh is an above average instructor but the baiting is way tooo much just like a woman uses on guys " if you do this for me you might just get some " .
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