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"This book will change your life, but only with time and effort."

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The only reason I set ease of implementation as 8 is because it will take a while for you to master the things found in this book, but take my word for it, if you put in the effort and commitment to really learning this stuff and not just try it this week and then give up because you didn't get the girls number- if you make it a point to practice the attitudes, tips, and techniques in this book for the long haul, I do not see how you will not turn into a guy who has women in his life at all times.

You see, most people want a quick fix. They want some pickup line that works, or some routine that does the job like a magic spell and that is how I was at the beginning, but I have learned that with everything in life, you must put in time and effort into something in order to truly master it. Whether it is Judo, Basketball, or anything else, you will never master it unless you do it over and over and over AND OVER until you don't even have to think about it- until that is just who you are and how you are on the inside.

I had been searching for this book ever since 2009. That was when I started getting interested in learning some techniques with girls because I knew I was doing something wrong, but I didn't know what. I bought ebook after ebook, but I never found the answer. Hell, even though the Mystery Method helped me in the sense that I eliminated some of the mistakes I was making, it wasn't helping me grow. I didn't want to practice routines at all because I felt so unnatural doing them. However, when I discovered that Mystery and Co. had written another book, I directly jumped at the opportunity to get it, and I'm telling you, this book will change the kind of person you are in that it will allow you to express your OWN personality in the best way possible. It will free you from your mental prison, and I absolutely recommend this book to every guy out there who not only wants to get girls, but also wants to become a happier individual overall.
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