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This comes with 2 dvds.The first dvd contains rapport building.Kezia likens every person to an iceberg,where 9/10 is hidden from view.She presents a model in which you get to deeper layers of a woman by mining specific things she says for their underlying emotional meaning.So if woman says she loves to dance,you don't make an obvious comment like "That's cool,does it keep you fit?",instead you get to why she does it,it might for example set her free from mundane problems in life,you could then explore her need to escape.Kezia bans you from asking boring questions that everyone else asks,in particular if jobs comes up,do not ask "how long have you done that","where do you work","how did you get into that?","do you like it?""who do you work for?".These are so dull they will send anyone catatonic with boredom.Better responses would be "is that something you wanted to do as a kid?"or"did you choose that or did your parents/school push you into it?".
The second dvd shows guys being coached to use these techniques on some women invited for the purpose.This in itself is an excellent idea,though there was for me a problem with it.I felt uncomfortable watching the guys from the audience,they were making every AFC mistake known to man...soft nervy voices,bad tonality,nervous smiling and laughing,fidgeting,and being apologetic.Kezia's techniques are powerful,however she needed to correct these faults as well and they weren't addressed.I would give this product a 10/10 if Kezia had kicked the guys up the arse to stop them giving off the typical nerdy nervous body language that we Brits absorb all too often from our culture!
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