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"To win the inner game"

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I found this product by a citation from another Vin DiCarlo product called "Pandora's box". This product helped me to remove some harmful effects of that book, so I don't get it why would he created such a product :S Anyways, it is a nice book, I am on my second reading and everytime it gives me some new inner sights about dating and personalities.

However, inner game is a such a complex world to conquer, maybe this product would be more comprehensive about how to deal with inner stuff. I don't know really, maybe its because of my personality, it does not show direct ways to deal with those bad programs in you but he says its a natural game. So I can't blame him for being not comprehensive :P

Overall, it is a great starter book, yet I would like to get some more directions from him. Sometimes I feel like I am lost in a jungle :)
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