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2 Girls Teach Sex
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I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed ordering this product. It's hard to man up and admit that you suck in the bedroom. I even emailed the company to make sure there wasn't anything showing up on my credit card statement that had anything to do with sex. Yeah, that's just me being paranoid.

So let me get the good stuff...this product, even though a little pricey, was worth every dime. What makes it special is that it's taught from the perspective of a women. I mean, I want to know what women want and this took me there.

Let me just warn you guys that the videos are long. Don't go through everything at once! I made this mistake the first time around and just became overwhelmed. I mean, there is A LOT of video here. So second time around I went bit by bit and it was much more effective.

The first night I used this, my girlfriend had to bite on her pillow so that the neighbors wouldn't hear her screaming. The second night, the same. Well she's been been hooked every since. (I've been with this girl 3 years and have NEVER received that reaction).

Now it's hard for me to compare this product to others because this is the first and only one that I've bought...BUT I really haven't needed anything else.

Hope this helps anybody out there.

Joey V
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