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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"MB gives you a system you can use the Same Day"

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I don't like reading e-books so first thing is I went to Kinko's, spent $20 bucks and now I have a spiral bound version of MB.

If you have read the VAH or TMM book you will learn new and insightful updates on the model. In fact the M3 model is not even used in MB. Savoy has created the Emotional Progression Model.

Magic Bullets gives you a system you can use the same day, without reading the whole book. No other book can beat that. No book gives you a plan in 10 minutes of reading of what you can do that night. Unlike a lot of pick up material, this book touches on female psychology. This chapter was my favorite, second to phone game. The insight you will gain from phone game is worth the $68 right there. MB includes the ever popular "he said/she said" teaching examples.

Every chapter in this book is important. The night I ordered it I read the entire thing. Even though I was tired, I took a NoDoz because I was so determined to finish it and not miss anything because of my fatigue.
Before reading this book I have read The Game, TMM/VAH and watched the DVD series. My knowledge at that point was pretty well but I still gained invaluable elements to add to my skill set. If you don't have this book, get it.
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