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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"The book is a Wonderful Piece of Work"

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I started out in the world of the pickup in January of 2007 after finishing the book by Style, The Game. After learning of his exploits with Mystery and many other pickup artists I have to admit I was hooked. I have read the VAH by Mystery and found it to be a very insightful and informational book. Unfortuatly The VAH did leave many questions at the end of the book. I then ordered a copy of the new e book Magic Bullets by Savoy. To put it simply the book is a wonderful piece of work. I highly recommend it to all beginners who wish to learn the steps to becoming a great at the art.

That's not to say that advanced artists can't learn something from the book as well; but being a beginner at the art I believe that it is somewhat unethical to give advise to those who are far better at pickup then myself. I will say that Savoy's book takes you through step by step basically "Barney style" (that's Marine jargon for very basic) through the method. The book gives an underlying theme of, in my opinion, "perfection in the basics." That is to say that it conveys to the reader that there is no one thing that will win a woman. Instead a combination of different things done over and over in the right context to the situation will ultimately win her. Sounds like such a thing would apply to any book. In Magic bullets however it is simplified, to put it lightly.

From your opener to seduction everything is mapped out to the "letter" with more than enough freedom for the imagination to run wild. As with most technology in this day and age, if Magic bullets were a computer program I would call it very "user friendly." I would also go so far as to say that it is very compatible with other methods. I can see it fitting in very well with David DeAngelo's Cocky Funny as well as advanced NLP. I have to admit that after spending a lot of time in Fallujah it is easy to lose touch on how to interact with women. Considering the fact that Marines are ordered to not even look at Iraqi women ( trust me it causes more trouble than it's worth). I found it extremely helpful to have a book like this bring me back into the dating "shark tank" as the shark instead of the bait. My advice to all is to get this book and let it do the same for you.

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