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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"A Dense Book-- and You'll Benefit from Repeat Readings."

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I finished last night-- as some people have said, this is a dense book-- and you'll benefit from repeat readings.

It's probably not fair to Savoy that most people are focusing on how this book compares to the VAH, but I'm still going to continue that trend.

As I said above, I consider the VAH to be a work of true genius. It's a singular vision from a unique person. But like most works of genius, it suffers from a lack of perspective, an excess of dogma and is the byproduct of a man with many, many troubles. A particularly fervent adherent to the VAH could certainly come across as sociopathic, misogynistic and callous (not that this is what Mystery intended). As a work of genius, the VAH makes few concessions to political correctness and hurt feelings.

MB, in contrast, seems much more well-adjusted and even paternal at times (e.g. we're reminded to wear condoms). It seems, in part, to have been written in anticipation of criticism from the world outside of PUAs (e.g. making even more clear, in case there was any doubt, that overcoming objections to sex is completely separate from overcoming consent). MB also shows an intellectual flexibility that is refreshing, by discarding some outdated aspects of PU (e.g. particularly clownish peacocking) while still accepting the possibility of other styles of PU.

I'm hardly an expert, but I think MB, on the whole, will encourage a much healthier approach to PU. I recommend it highly as a fantastic overview. But there's still a part of me that finds the unhealthy undertones and f'off attitude in the VAH more... exciting. I won't be surprised if people continue to be inspired by the VAH. But when you're ready to get down to work, I think MB really provides the missing pieces that the VAH, in all its monomaniacal glory, doesn't even contemplate.
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